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  1. computer freeze

    I am still waiting on the final word from Support on what to do, or what may ESET may want to do going forward, but as stated before, no freezes after moving affected machines to a NO idle-state scanning policy; again is only affecting laptops with ssds, not desktops with ssds; chipset issue?
  2. computer freeze

    update: at this point Idle-State scanning via Endpoint Security is suspected of being the culprit; the only affected machines are ones with ssd's; not sure what the variable is there; we have moved all affected machines to a new "NO Idle-State scanning" policy, and so far no machines have had the lock-up issue; please feel free to move this topic to the Endpoint forum if need be; i will update this topic with the final word once it has been determined;
  3. computer freeze

    i noticed that there is a post that states that .17 & 2.9.0 server have been rolled back. If we now have no clients running .17, does that mean you do not have to roll back server to 2.8.0, or should you also roll server back?
  4. computer freeze

    No solution yet. Support is currently looking at logs of an affected computer. This computer has locked with .16 deslock encryption client installed, and also with Idle-state scanning disabled. I now have decrypted and uninstalled deslock as a test.
  5. computer freeze

    The lockup seems to be completely random unfortunately, but when it does occur, it is when the system is idle.
  6. computer freeze

    Case has been submitted. They are suggesting turning off Idle-State scanning as a first step.
  7. computer freeze

    Wondering if anyone has info on, or has had instances of computer freezes, and any connection to DESlock or Endpoint Security. We have 4 laptops that are locking up. It seems to occur when the user has been away for "a while". The mouse/keyboard is not responsive so a hard shut down must be done. The laptops are three HPs, and one Lenovo. DESlock client versions are 4.8.16 & 4.8.17. Endpoint version is 6.5.2094. Our desktops all run Endpoint Security also, with no freezes. Desktops do not run DESlock. All run Win 7 Pro. Thanks.
  8. remote agent will not connect

    I apologize, but the .txt file says it is for Is it safe to install for my version? Thanks again.
  9. remote agent will not connect

    I see in the .txt file in the .zip file download that post attaches, that this solution is for v6.3.12.0. We are running v6.3.148.0. Is this fix applicable for .148? Thanks.
  10. We have some remote users that manually installed the remote agent on their machine. The agent will not connect to server. They are connected to our network via vpn. I have added the eset admin server ip to their host file. Any ideas on this one? They currently have EES v5.0.2260 installed.
  11. Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask

    I have started a support case on this, as we don't want to cause additional issues with strict cleaning, when other legitimate programs are being "found". Thanks.
  12. remote agent will not connect

    ERA Server: CentOS
  13. Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask

    Thanks for the reply. I understand how it gets installed. There are some machines where the Cause is listed as the toolbar, even when it does not show in Programs and all Ask folders have been deleted manually, and still there are 20-30 separate file locations for a different Objects it has found. The problem with strict cleaning is that ESET is "finding" other legitimate programs (CheckPoint vpn, ESET files themselves!, etc).
  14. remote agent will not connect

    Update: after rebooting era admin server, all client agents are connecting; any idea why this is? thanks.
  15. remote agent will not connect

    Update: the latest all of our machines have connected is 7-27.