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  1. Maxx2777

    install Windows 10 v1803

    I've also tried using the deslock Win10 updater tool; after opening that, and choosing the setup.exe file, the Windows 10 splash window shows for a few seconds, then 2 messages show: "setup couldn't start properly, please reboot your pc and try running the Windows 10 Setup again", "there was an error launching the Windows 10 Upgrade"; i get those two messages whether I use the new beta version of the Updater Tool, or the previous version.
  2. Maxx2777

    install Windows 10 v1803

    when i look in the $Windows BT\drivers folder the Reflect folder is there with the deslock+ folder content
  3. Maxx2777

    install Windows 10 v1803

    update: while it then started to boot Windows 7, it stated "setup is preparing your computer for first use"; then a windows stating the "we couldn't install Windows 10, 0xC1900101-0x20017 Installation failed in the SAFE.OS phase with an error during BOOT operation"
  4. Maxx2777

    install Windows 10 v1803

    just more details: after it reboots, i log into the encryption screen, the Windows 10 logo shows with cycling dots; the keyboard layout selection screen shows; i select US, then the Windows 10 Choose an Option screen shows with the typical options. One option is to "exit and continue with Windows 7"; i chose "Use another operating system"; then 3 tiles show, Windows 7, one untitled tile, and Windows 10; i chose Windows 10, it rebooted, i signed into deslock, it rebooted again, i signed into deslock, and it started Windows 7
  5. Maxx2777

    install Windows 10 v1803

    i used the exact same process above on a similar non-encrypted machine, and it installed just fine; is the /reflectdriver not working?
  6. Maxx2777

    install Windows 10 v1803

    I am attempting to do an upgrade install of Win 10v1803 from Win 7 via usb thumb created via Windows download tool. It gets all the way to end of installation, says "your pc will reboot", and does reboot, but prompts error of "0xC1900101-0x20017 Installation failed in the SAFE.OS phase with an error during Boot operation". This pc has 4.9.4 client installed. I ran the setup.exe file using the /reflectdrivers command: e:\setup.exe /reflectdrivers "c:\program files\deslock+" I also tried installing v1803 using the deslockWin10+updater but that keeps returning error "invalid command" This pc has all current Windows updates and drivers. Thanks.