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  1. My laptop had Win 7 installed. I upgraded to Win 10 v1803. SSO was working. I changed my Windows password via Ctl/Alt/Del menu, but Deslock still wants my old encryption password. I have tried syncing & rebooting multiple times.
  2. this issue was solved by deleting the folders that the upgrade process created, then uninstalling the wireless nic, then doing the upgrade again
  3. I've also tried using the deslock Win10 updater tool; after opening that, and choosing the setup.exe file, the Windows 10 splash window shows for a few seconds, then 2 messages show: "setup couldn't start properly, please reboot your pc and try running the Windows 10 Setup again", "there was an error launching the Windows 10 Upgrade"; i get those two messages whether I use the new beta version of the Updater Tool, or the previous version.
  4. when i look in the $Windows BT\drivers folder the Reflect folder is there with the deslock+ folder content
  5. update: while it then started to boot Windows 7, it stated "setup is preparing your computer for first use"; then a windows stating the "we couldn't install Windows 10, 0xC1900101-0x20017 Installation failed in the SAFE.OS phase with an error during BOOT operation"
  6. just more details: after it reboots, i log into the encryption screen, the Windows 10 logo shows with cycling dots; the keyboard layout selection screen shows; i select US, then the Windows 10 Choose an Option screen shows with the typical options. One option is to "exit and continue with Windows 7"; i chose "Use another operating system"; then 3 tiles show, Windows 7, one untitled tile, and Windows 10; i chose Windows 10, it rebooted, i signed into deslock, it rebooted again, i signed into deslock, and it started Windows 7
  7. i used the exact same process above on a similar non-encrypted machine, and it installed just fine; is the /reflectdriver not working?
  8. I am attempting to do an upgrade install of Win 10v1803 from Win 7 via usb thumb created via Windows download tool. It gets all the way to end of installation, says "your pc will reboot", and does reboot, but prompts error of "0xC1900101-0x20017 Installation failed in the SAFE.OS phase with an error during Boot operation". This pc has 4.9.4 client installed. I ran the setup.exe file using the /reflectdrivers command: e:\setup.exe /reflectdrivers "c:\program files\deslock+" I also tried installing v1803 using the deslockWin10+updater but that keeps returning error "invalid command" This pc has all current Windows updates and drivers. Thanks.
  9. It says 143/110. We only have 110 machines with ESET installed. It says to "extend the license." How do I correct this? Thanks.
  10. I am still waiting on the final word from Support on what to do, or what may ESET may want to do going forward, but as stated before, no freezes after moving affected machines to a NO idle-state scanning policy; again is only affecting laptops with ssds, not desktops with ssds; chipset issue?
  11. update: at this point Idle-State scanning via Endpoint Security is suspected of being the culprit; the only affected machines are ones with ssd's; not sure what the variable is there; we have moved all affected machines to a new "NO Idle-State scanning" policy, and so far no machines have had the lock-up issue; please feel free to move this topic to the Endpoint forum if need be; i will update this topic with the final word once it has been determined;
  12. i noticed that there is a post that states that .17 & 2.9.0 server have been rolled back. If we now have no clients running .17, does that mean you do not have to roll back server to 2.8.0, or should you also roll server back?
  13. No solution yet. Support is currently looking at logs of an affected computer. This computer has locked with .16 deslock encryption client installed, and also with Idle-state scanning disabled. I now have decrypted and uninstalled deslock as a test.
  14. The lockup seems to be completely random unfortunately, but when it does occur, it is when the system is idle.
  15. Case has been submitted. They are suggesting turning off Idle-State scanning as a first step.
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