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  1. Thank you for the suggestion. SSH hasn't been enabled on the LAN or WAN interfaces. Sorry for the late reply.
  2. Hey guys, I've been having this issue pretty regularly and I'm not sure what to try next We replaced our Sonicwall out at the Fire Dept and everything came up and working fine. Started to get a port scanning attack detected error from our WAN IP on every PC out there. I've added that IP to the IDS exception list. I check the logs on the individual PCs and the ports that are being detected seem to be random(the latest was from 39024). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hello all, Getting a Duplicate IP addresses on Network detected warning. This is usually a problem with DHCP. The only thing is these are all static addresses, and DHCP isn't used. In the Eset console in the Object field it shows two address: x.x.x.114 -> x.x.x.24. These are all static addresses and they are assigned correctly. The error was reported a few times over the weekend and it stopped, and no one is having any connectivity issues. I'm trying to understand this error and make sure nothing major is going on. Thanks for the help
  4. Worked like a charm Marcos, Thanks for the help.
  5. Hello all, having an issue with Eset marking an approved application as a PUP. Any help would be appreciated. Eset Version: 6.5.2107.1
  6. Hello guys. Were finally getting around to pushing out MDM through Eset. Like the title says, I'm looking for a start to finish guide on how to implement this to our devices. were running Eset v6. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Old post but hoping for a miracle. Straight up windows 7 shop. Only a handful of computers are reporting this error. I thought it mite have something to do with windows update even though its not throwing the windows not updated error. Most computers that have this haven't had updates install in over a month and the PCs don't want to update at all. Just checks for updates for hours. Is this the case with others receiving this error.
  8. Thanks again Martin. Seemed to work for the most part. Only problem that I'm having is the Reset Cloned Agent task doesn't complete, just continues to run with no progress. Do I run the task individually as i clone PC's? Or is there a way to make it automatically run the task as computers are placed in to the Dynamic Group.
  9. Sorry its taken so long to try this. Got pretty busy. My favorite procedure for this scenario (cloning live image) is: Install AGENT on base image and let it normally connect to ERA Create special static group for base image computer(s) (i.e. "Base images") Create dynamic group template "Non base image", that will never be matched by base image(s): for example add condition on MAC address or other identifier distinguishing your base images Create dynamic group "Clones" under static group "Base images" containing only base images using dynamic group template from previous step. Group should be empty if everything is configured properly. Attach reset cloned agent task to this dynamic group This seems like itll work. The only thing i dont undestand is the new template part. I build my reference PC. Install agent like normal. PC starts communicating with server. Build the base image static group on the server. Move the reference PC to that group. How exactly should the template be built? Use device identifiers by type. Make it false against the reference PC serial number or mac? Then make the Dynamic group inside the static group and specify the new template. When i push this image out to a new PC will it automatically be moved to the new dynamic group?
  10. Thanks for the tip Martin. Ill look in to it and see what i can do.
  11. I think i figured out why it wasn't connecting. When you push out an image through the server to individual machines, it uses your admin credentials. Same way if you use the agent installer files. If its already apart of the image it doesn't receive those credentials. Repairing the agent installation doesn't offer a chance to put them in. Had to uninstall the agent and push it out to my computers from my Eset server and everything came up just fine. If anyone has any other ideas so i wont have to go about this every time i push out to a new computer that would be great.
  12. Hello all, I've made a master image to deploy out to my computers. Eset agent and Endpoint Security version 6.4 was installed. Everything was working fine and the machine was communicating with the server. I pushed this image out to a few new computers and everything on the client side seems to be working fine. Server side they are showing up as un-managed. I've tried repairing the agent installation with no luck. Is there a way to force the agents to start taking to the server again?
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