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  1. Try running the "Computers with their RAM details" report instead of the "Count of computers grouped by total RAM capacity" report. It's in the same section.
  2. Yeah I don't necessarily see this as something wrong, it's just displaying exactly what each machine reports. The OP probably wants to run the "Computers with their RAM details" report instead if he just wants a raw count of hosts with total ram installed.
  3. I just ran the same report myself and can see what's going on here. Machines with less than 8192MB RAM will report each DIMM as an individual computer if they are from mixed manufacturers. Machines with greater than 8192MB will report each DIMM as it's own machine. E.g., my workstation with 8x4GB matched sticks appears in the report 8 times, each one having 4096MB RAM.
  4. Speaking as someone who is hands-on IT management rather than a reseller or MSP: That is how I would expect it to behave and should. My endpoints are configured for strict cleaning so I have not dealt with this issue, however if end users were greeted with option dialogs during an av scan without any way for the admin to suppress I would be quite aggravated with the product.
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