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  1. Hi @bizway, Sorry to hear about the issues you experienced with the product. We have just released a new build of ESET Endpoint Antivirus/ESET Endpoint Security for Mac last week, which features an improved loading process for Kernel extensions. Based on the initial feedback from customers, this resolved the issue you have experienced, as well as several other issues users had reported in this forum. Alex.
  2. Hi everyone, build 6.7.600.0 was released on Jan 10 and is available on our websites, and the pkg installer can be downloaded from the KB article https://support.eset.com/kb7026/ Please let us know should any of the issues persist even with this build. Thank you. Alex.
  3. Hi ingo, this issue is fixed in ESET Endpoint Antivirus/ESET Endpoint Security for Mac, build 6.7.600.0, it was released a couple of days ago. Please let us know if the problem persists even with this build. Alex.
  4. Hi Anna, My apologies for a delayed response, I will be happy to help if I can. - Renewal cost - This is a discussion to be held with a local ESET representative, will depend on the number of seats (endpoints protected), etc. If you send me a private message, I can get you in touch with the ESET partner in Belgium. - There is a way to request client status that gives you information about the protection status of the client, date/time of last update, etc. If you wish to configure ESET Endpoint Security for Mac (assign policies in time, different from the configuration at the time of installation), I believe the best way would be to use ESET Security Management Center. It can be deployed as a Linux virtual appliance, so you would not need to set it up from scratch. Alexander
  5. Yes, we are aware of this issue and are looking into it.
  6. Yes, I believe this has been the case since version 6.6.
  7. Hi DJD, 1. My apologies if this was not communicated clearly in the landing page where you registered for the ESET Endpoint Security for Mac license. I have already asked the responsible team to include this information in the KB article, it should be updated in the next few days. 2. At this moment, I do not have an update on the VPN issue, but will do my best to chase it and post a follow-up later today. 3. I agree with neilmartin83 and Shannon that the best way to approach this would be to create a configuration locally using the GUI and export the settings. This can be done either using the GUI (Import and Export Settings), or using command line (sudo /Applications/.esets/Contents/MacOS/esets_daemon --export-settings [file_name]). If you prefer to only change a specific setting, the way that could be done is by exporting settings before you change the specific one, change the setting in the GUI, export the settings with the change and compare the two exported settings files to determine the difference using a comparison tool. Then you can modify the second exported settings file and only leave the tag with the required setting and appropriate parent tags that you would like to change in the configuration on the clients. It is not possible to directly import an XML into the product, so for the import, it would be necessary to create a gzip-ed tar file from application settings (XML) and user local settings (empty eset.gui file). Once you have that, you can push the configuration to Macs on your network, using e.g. Apple Remote Desktop, or command line (/Applications/.esets/Contents/MacOS/esets_daemon --import-settings [file_name]). 4. Yes, the version in the KB article is the latest one. There is an email list and an RSS feed with information about new releases, but not a specific one for the Mac product. Similar information is also available in ESMC, which can also indicate that there is a newer version of the client software available from ESET. 5. Restarting daemon should not be necessary for the configuration to be applied. If it is the case, please let us know. Thank you.
  8. Hello DJD, I am sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced migrating from Microsoft SCEP for Mac to ESET Endpoint Antivirus/ESET Endpoint Security for Mac. Will do my best to assist you in any way I can. Just to be sure that all the topics are covered, it seems that the issues can be split into the following areas: 1) Configuration/Remote configuration of the client without using ERA/ESMC First of all, I would like to mention that with the license for ESET Endpoint Antivirus/ESET Endpoint Security for Mac, you are eligible to use ESET Remote Administrator/ESET Security Management Center without any additional charge. ERA/ESMC can be deployed as a virtual appliance on Linux, so it would not require a Windows server to operate. If I understand it correctly, you would rather not use an additional remote management console (other than SCCM) and would prefer to use the command line interface to configure the clients. 2) Web and Email protection conflict with VPN software Could you please share some more details about the clash with the VPN software? Which VPN app do you use? I will check with our developers and/or technical support to see what can be done about it, both at the moment and for a future version. 3) Documentation I agree that most of our current documentation seems to be focused around GUI actions and remote configuration using ERA/ESMC, as the majority of our customers use those. I will discuss with the documentation/KB team to see what we have available on the KB, and ask them to prepare a KB article specifically for the command line configuration (if we do not have one already). 4) New versions of products Version 6.7.500.0 is the most recent version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus/ESET Endpoint Security for Mac available. We will be updating the KB article for migration from SCEP for Mac with new installers with each future version. I presume you used a .dmg installer for ESET Endpoint Antivirus that you downloaded from www.eset.com? At the moment, it is not possible to check for newer versions directly from the GUI, since most of our customers (whether enterprise or education) prefer to maintain control of the product versions installed on their clients. 5) ESET daemon restart without alarming the end user Could you please share the use case for the daemon restart? From what I understand, there is a way to prevent the GUI from launching if you would prefer that, which should also take care of the splash screen being displayed. If you agree, I will contact you via private message later for some additional details regarding the issues. Thank you. Best regards, Alexander
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