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  1. Per US Support, they recommended we install ESET back onto these machines. Within 3 hours, 2 machines already restarted/crashed upon wake from sleep. Without it installed, we went about 4 days without any crashing. I'm running the log collector script now and will PM it to you.
  2. 1) Yes, only wake from sleep. 2) Only sometimes. We sent a survey to 150 of our users on 2018 Macbook Pros and they experience crashing 1-2 times per week on average. 3) Yes, only 2018 and newer. (t2 macs) 4) Entire system reboots. Upon waking up from sleep, we'll see an Apple logo, then get kicked back out to the login screen. Upon login, you'll find that all apps are closed and the system had rebooted. This is indicative of t2 performing a reboot when it thinks it detects an intruder. I have removed Endpoint Security 6.7.654.0 from 4 of our test machines over the last 3 days and have not experienced a crash. I will keep running without endpoint security for a few more days to be sure this is the case. On one of my test machines, I wrote down the date/times of two crashes. Is there any specific log files I should be looking at and gathering? Edit:: I used the ESET log collector and have sent you logs from 2 of the affected machine and the date/time it experienced the unexpected reboot. I've also created a case with ESET support
  3. On our t2 chipset macOS laptops (2018 and newer), we are seeing crashing on wake from sleep. On average, crashing happens 1-2 times per week for all of our users. we are running 6.7.654.0. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  4. Thanks for your help @TomasP Looking forward to the future release as the current 6.7 is not deployable with the current issue.
  5. Just installed this new version. No pop-up once installed. I used my existing TCC exclusion profile. I will continue monitoring to make sure no other unexpected behavior pops up.
  6. Agreed, I do not think this is a TCC profile issue. I have 8 other TCC profiles in production for various apps and have not had an issue until ESET.
  7. Same issue with the beta version. I've created a new config profile based on the beta to allow both all app data and system files. I tested by uninstalling ESET, applying the configuration profile, restarting the Mac, then re-installing the Beta version.
  8. I just tested suppressing the GUI upon install by creating an empty file into the "cache" folder and it apperas to work. The esets_gui process does not launch, there is no splash screen, and no icon in the menu bar. I am able to verify that the proxy, mac, fcor, daemon, pidmapper and ctl processes are running in activity monitor. Does this mean the machine is still being fully protected? Not a huge issue, but Is there a way to suppress the splash screen upon install, but retain the ESET icon in the menu bar? Another thing I noticed is that the "do_not_launch_esets_gui_after_installation" file is removed after the install. So after every upgrade, we'll have to re-create the file.
  9. I'll test it. Also, to verify codesign, try "codesign -dr - /Applications/ESET\ Endpoint\ Security.app/Contents/MacOS/esets_gui" It is returning "anchor apple generic", which is invalid.
  10. A majority of us are using Jamf’s PPPC utility to test. To test, create a configuration profile for eset endpoint security for full disk access, deploy via mdm, then install ESET Endpoint Security to see if the same pop up comes up. When we talk about TCC, this is a built-in mechanism by Apple in the Mojave operating system. Link to pppc utility: https://github.com/jamf/PPPC-Utility Link to tcc database reset script. Run this before testing a new config profile to reset the previous applied tcc exclusions: https://gist.github.com/haircut/aeb22c853b0ae4b483a76320ccc8c8e9#file-tcc-reset-py Thanks for the suppressing gui option. Just to confirm, just create an empty file with the name above?
  11. Adding this link about privacy policy controls -- https://derflounder.wordpress.com/2018/08/31/creating-privacy-preferences-policy-control-profiles-for-macos/ #1 on the list - "Item being whitelisted must be code-signed"... so that explains why it's not working as the ESET app is not properly code signed
  12. We allowed "All Files" in a configuration profile for our Macs on Mojave, but upon installing 6.7.500.0, we still get prompted to manually go to system preferences >> privacy and allow full disk permission. Upon further investigating, we found that the app itself does not have a unique identifier and is just using the "anchor apple generic". I don't think the app is properly code signed, which is causing the TCC exception not to go through. Obviously this is a huge blocker as we cannot reliable deploy ESET to our environment. (see screenshots for ESET code sign vs Discord code sign. All apps should have a unique identifier.) Also, another huge annoying issue that has been around for years is the ESET splash screen and the console launches upon installing the .pkg. We do not want to pop up the splash screen and ESET gui during upgrades for all of our end users. Please give us an option to do a silent install.
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