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Holy MSIL/Microsoft.Bing.D Alerts Batman...

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There's another thread on this, it's the only one that I can find.  It's from 2022.

I have 110 computers, I think all of them are sending off alerts regarding PUP MSIL/Microsoft.Bing.D.  None of the information that thread appear to be relevant to this onslaught of warnings from ESET.  I've probably received over a 1000 warnings about this since March 27.

Since there's nothing installed on the workstations I've looked at, I'm not sure the best way to move forward.

Notification Message:

"Potentially unwanted application MSIL/Microsoft.Bing.D was detected on computer"

Almost all of the computers are running Windows 10, a few are on 11.

What's the best way to move forward here?



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Posted (edited)

The problem is Microsoft keeps attempting to install the Bing search engine for all installed browsers whenever an Edge update occurs.

As a result of a quirk occurrence, I have been able to stop the constant Edge attempted updating on this regard. I inadvertently allowed the Bing search engine update to install. Later, I ran an Eset malware scan. It discovered the Bing update and I removed it;


C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\EdgeUpdate\Download\{1FAB8CFE-9860-415C-A6CA-AA7D12021940}\\BGAUpdate.exe - a variant of MSIL/Microsoft.Bing.D potentially unwanted application - action selection postponed until scan completion

Since the update removal, I haven't received another Bing search update via attempted download alert. My guess is a registry key was set somewhere indicating the update has been installed and Microsoft won't attempt a further installation as such.

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