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Scan is not working properly

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I've started a custom in-depth scan as admin and it's been over an hour and the objects scanned have been sitting at 1789 since the start.

I've noticed that the scanner takes a very long time scanning some files like ci.dll, mi.dll and ping.exe.

I've also noticed the scanner going back to scan the same files again and again like ci.dll.

I can't even stop the scan, it's been 5 minutes since I clicked on pause and it's still scanning.

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I described the same problem in the Czech part of the forum. Obviously someone else is having the same problem and it's not just a specific user problem.

I had the problem in the first deep test after the release and installation of the Windows September 2023 updates, in the second deep test the situation did not appear and the test on the mentioned files took the usual time without any lags on the mentioned files. I will see how the test behaves with another deep scan after the October 2023 Windows Updates.

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Hello, I just posted the same problem (I'm waiting for a moderator to approve my topic).

Exactly the same thing happens to me as you, I can't perform deep scans since they are frozen (the green circle on the left keeps moving), the quick scan works without problems. Hopefully it's something that can be solved with a quick update.

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Please do the following when the scan appears to be stuck:

- enable advanced logging under Tools - Diagnostics in the advanced setup
- disable logging after 20-30s
- generate a dump of ekrn via Tools -> Diagnostics -> Create
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector and supply me with the generated archive.

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