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  1. Hello, after some research I have more and more the assumption that the responsible file (chartiq.js) is a false positive: hxxps://www.boerse-stuttgart.de/assets/statics/chartiq.js?v=637110457080000000 It would certainly be a good idea if someone from ESET could check this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, since yesterday I get a warning (JS/Packed.Agent.D) when I visit the website: hxxps://www.boerse-stuttgart.de/de-de/produkte/indizes/db2ke7-db-dax-indikation Is this an false positive or has the page of this Stock exchange been hacked?
  3. Hello, I don't think you need another license. Source: https://support.eset.com/en/licensing-faq-home-users#question7
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