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Have there been any recent updates on what causes this error and if/when there might be a fix?

I have close to 350 OS X clients that are still failing to activate the EI Connector and report this error.

Uninstall/reinstall Connector does not resolve the issue.

Appreciate any feedback.

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I've found a comment by developers regarding the message "RUN_LOOP_ERROR RUN_LOOP_TIMEOUT (2)". It is not really important, it's possible that EEA took longer than we expected and that the check timed out and will be retried. It should not have effect on the overall functionality. As I understand, the issue is that the EI connector remains not activated even after several re-tries.  Will discuss this with Peter and devs tomorrow and will update you with latest news, it's late night here already.

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@Marcos Thanks for the reply -I appreciate it.

The bigger issue, aside from not being able to activate appears that the Connector actually becomes corrupted with events frequently logged from 1969, or whenever it happened to break. For instance, in the case below, the logging date is current, but the event statistics are all from April 22. The log repeats the same 04-22 date for all subsequent entries:

2023-05-05 09:41:10 0x70000745c000 Info: Events Statistics, From:, 2023-04-22 17:55:16, To:, 2023-04-22 17:55:16, Duration (s):, 0, Events Per Second:, 0.000

So we see that not only can it not activate, but it does not send current events.

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Just another piece of info. I saw there was a new release so upgraded (not much info in the changelog to know if it would help or not). The same client as above is now reflecting the 1969 date indicating corruption (according to ESET Engineer):

2023-05-05 10:05:43 0x700002d44000 Info: Control Checker cannot be started, license is not valid
2023-05-05 10:05:53 0x700002d44000 Error: License activation failed: 2. Failed to process a request to/from ESET Endpoint Security/Antivirus. RUN_LOOP_ERROR RUN_LOOP_TIMEOUT (2)
2023-05-05 10:05:56 0x7000034f1000 Error: License check failed. Try 2 out of 5. Failed to process a request to/from ESET Endpoint Security/Antivirus. RUN_LOOP_ERROR RUN_LOOP_TIMEOUT (2)
2023-05-05 10:05:57 0x7000033eb000 Info: Events Statistics, From:, 1969-12-31 17:00:00, To:, 1969-12-31 17:00:00, Duration (s):, 0, Events Per Second:, 0.000, Events:, 1, File:, 0, Registry:, 0, TcpIp:, 0, Http:, 0, Dns:, 0, Process:, 0, Injections:, 0, Dll:, 0, Traffic:, 0, Info:, 1, Metadata:, 0, Livegrid:, 0, OriginUrl:, 0, Alarms:, 0, UserActivity:, 0, Wmi:, 0, Scripts:, 0, ExeDrops:, 0, OpenProcess:, 0, TrafficSize:, 0, TrafficInterval:, 0, Executions:, 0, Subprocesses:, 0, Connections:, 0, LoadUnloadDriver:, 0, SystemApiCall:, 0, MultipleFilesChanged:, 0, Batch Size (bytes):, 282
Version: 1.10.2672 (Apr 25 2023 06:54:08)


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