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Eset 8 slow internet connection

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Hi all

I use Eset  which is very very good

and When I work on version 8 or 7 . slow slow  internet connection

and when i work on version 6 My internet speed back again


My broblem is here on version 7 and 8 . Browsing not download




check ...slow

uncheck ... fast


Is there a solution to the problem

thank you :)

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So HTTP scanning causes the issue.


Can you say what exactly slows down?

Is in a specific browser? Do you have SSL scanning activated?


What internet connection do you have? (LAN/WLAN/...)

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SSL scanning?

It would be nice if you could provide a bit more information.

Proxy? VPN? Anything else important?

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Using Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit & ESET SS 8.0.304.0 on a home desktop.


I have noticed slow internet browsing using Chrome.  If I switch HTTP/HTTPS scanner off then back on (i.e. cycle it) the browsing speeds up markedly for a time before slowing again.

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So you are experiencing the issue too?

Is this issue new in v8/Does it happened in v7 too?



This is the setting for SSL scanning:

It allows your ESET product to scan SSL/TSL-encrypted communications for malware.



Please follow Arakasis instructions and PM a moderator.

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Ok . PM a moderator ( Sysinspector) --------------

My full problem again ( Default setting Eset and Default setting browswer (IE & firefox) )

Eset 7&8 ====> very slow internet in 8.1

Eset 6 =====> good internet in 8.1

Eset 6&7&8 ===== > very good windows 7

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Ok . Think a moderator can help ( you) -------------

My recommendation again ( wait until A moderator Can help you (whoever you PMed) )

This forum ====> very good support in any case

ESET ===> good company in any case

I&Arakasi&more users ===== > try to help you without choppy sentenses



So your issue only happens with Windows 8.1?

And as I said maybe the moderator you PMed can help.

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  • Administrators

Does disabling web protection make a difference? If not, what about disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup, just for a test?

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Do you have any other PC Optimization or System Utilities softwares (like TuneUp Utilities or iolo System Mechanic) because they sometimes tweak internet connection settings wrongly which creates slow connection issues.

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Vignesh Raja

no of these programs or any program of maintenance programs in my pc

I have tried a lot with the problem

and So I've fresh install a new windows 8.1 and install eset 8 only in my pc without any app . and Still problem exists

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As you know,

I am working on windows 8.1 wmc and Eset 6

Here is my solution

from eset 6 update version to eset 7 Around update 26 mega

and After the update and installation . eset 7 .  very very good working

Then you install Version 8 with out remove version 7

now Everything is okay


i think The problem related to the Eset drivers ;)

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Oh wow, I am impressed how you managed to figure out, I don't believe I would ever think like "if I do 2 over-the-top installs maybe that will solve it hmm....."  :D But I am glad to hear that it's working for you now. Hopefully it will continue to work even if you would need to uninstall or whatever at some point so you don't need to go through the whole over-the-top install process every time.

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I´ve a drop of speed on internetconnections too. I´ve 150 Mbit down without ESS/NOD or with disabled webfilter, but after enabling the webfilter, the speed drops to ~70-90 Mbit down. Reproducable on various PC´s in my homenetwork (childrens PC, Notebook, total of 5 PC´s), Installed is Win7/Win8.1, the only AV ever installed was ESET v7. The problem exists regardless, if I install the ESS fresh or use a over installation on v7, or use a Wifi or a wired connection to my router.


Interesting is, that waledakmal the problem has solved with updating versions from v6 above. That will I try today evening, when I at home...

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