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  1. Sorry to open the topic again I discovered something else My friends ESET devices installed them 6 or 8 files stopped optimal Sharing too I have noticed that the file-sharing broke down on 17 in this month when receiving daily updates of the program
  2. what about this message hxxp://i.imgur.com/M4v23tF.jpg A recent inquiry ، Why resort to work with "Trusted zone" that supposed to work without
  3. Now working fine Trust Zone in public network sharing ، and showing this message in setup rules and zone hxxp://i.imgur.com/M4v23tF.jpg
  4. So Why was working a couple of days and now stopped after updates signature ، When I delete and re-install the program without updates The program works well What's in recent updates disrupts program
  5. Very excellent but what is the meaning ، Block incoming NETBIOS requests
  6. Yes been resolved upgraded ،But if you install version 7 or 8 without upgrade from version 6 Does not resolve the problem
  7. ESET Sounds good sharing on public network ,So it is always with me But after the end of the updates signature my sharing tab stop "Blocking Incoming NETBIOS" and working fine in allow sharing setting
  8. Hello everyone Today there is a problem with Eset When do I share files my sharing tab not responding the problem when work seeting public network . It was working fine yesterday, but now is not working Thank you
  9. As you know, I am working on windows 8.1 wmc and Eset 6 Here is my solution from eset 6 update version to eset 7 Around update 26 mega and After the update and installation . eset 7 . very very good working Then you install Version 8 with out remove version 7 now Everything is okay -------------- i think The problem related to the Eset drivers
  10. Vignesh Raja no of these programs or any program of maintenance programs in my pc I have tried a lot with the problem and So I've fresh install a new windows 8.1 and install eset 8 only in my pc without any app . and Still problem exists
  11. disabling web protection its no difference . and when disabling protocol filtering my internet connection very fast and very good
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