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Eset 8 slow internet connection

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 I have a 80/20 mbps FTTC connection  and i have noticed some very odd behaviour,  firstly  when downloading a large file  multi-threaded  6 streams to same source @ 73-74mbps  I noticed some times eset would lock the pc up,  the download would stop also, after some process of elimination i found that the HIPS module is in some-way responsible , i unselected  the Advanced memory scanner and Enable exploit blocker  options in the HIPS advanced options menu and it seems to of stopped this locking up


Another thing that i have noticed when performing flash based speed tests, if firefox browser & its plug-in container  were  included in HTTP scanning applications list  the upstream throughput was reduced by 50% or more  on that speed test site  iirc v7 did not have these issues

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