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  1. Do you have any other PC Optimization or System Utilities softwares (like TuneUp Utilities or iolo System Mechanic) because they sometimes tweak internet connection settings wrongly which creates slow connection issues.
  2. Hi, I really don't need any UI changes but please consider adding few more features like Sandboxing, AdBlocking etc.. Also please change way of tweaking Firewall. For now it is very very confusing and hard while going through Firewall settings. Also reduce resoure usage. Recently Eset's service, ekrn.exe has been consuming too much of RAM. Nothing more in my point of view. Thank You.
  3. I have EMS 2.0.843.0-0 installed on my Xperia S with Android 4.1.2. Task manager does't kill Eset services any more. I tested with Eicar Test file after closing EMS from Task Manager but EMS caught and reported it.
  4. Hello, I'm currently using Eset Mobile Security version 2.0.792.0-0 on my Xperia S with ICS. We all know that when we enable SIM Guard, if a new SIM is inserted, a message is sent to Trusted Number. But, what if a SIM inserted has no balance or SMS balance. In India we mostly use Prepaid SIM which requires Main Balance or SMS balance to send messages. So does Eset sends message multiple times if delivery is unsucessful? Hope you guys understood my doubt. It would be more useful if Eset had web based Anti-Theft control.Sorry for my English. Thank You.
  5. Yes this happens even on Xperia S(ICS). When we close EMS via task manager it stops all eset services including Anti Spam(Call Blocking). If we again start Eset is shows " Loading Components, Standby". I previously thought that closing EMS from task manager only closes UI but actually it is stopping all eset services.
  6. Hello, Can any one please tell how to manually block an application from internet conectivity using Eset firewall?
  7. Hello, Currently I'm using Eset Mobile Security on my mobile. I'd like to make some feature requests. 1. Automaticlly turn ON GPS when "find" request is recieved, even if GPS is turned OFF. 2. Take screen shots with front camera(if available) when someone enters worng password multiple times. 3. Just like remote find, add remote Scream. 4. Application Protection(ability to protect apps with password). 5.Contact Protection( Hide, Backup) Hope you implement these.. Sorry for my English. Thank You.
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