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EEI | Product not activated (Topic last mentioned on March.)

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@Peter Randziak I have a question that support hasn't been able to address. I'm frequently finding that on the systems that have failed to activate repeatedly, when I go through the steps to enable ECP logging, the same activation task completes successfully when ECP logging is enabled.

Essentially, the steps are bootout com.eset.protection.plist, edit the two license files, pkill licensed then bootstrap the eset plist.

Something in this process allows the activation to succeed. Any thoughts what specifically might affect this?

Thanks again.

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So it turns out that the "RUN_LOOP_ERROR RUN_LOOP_TIMEOUT (2)" log entry is significant after all and apparently indicates a timeout in the license check process, and thereby successful activation (or not, in this case).

Support indicated that 10s is the default timeout. I've had to increase the timeout to 90s for OS X clients to remain activated.

So in the eiconnector.policy.ini file we added a line: EndpointLicenseRequestsTimeout=90s

I'd really like to understand:

  1. Why does this issue only affect OS X devices and not Windows PCs on the same network?
  2. What is the client attempting to contact for the license request? Is it EI server, EP server, Internet?
  3. Why must the client check activation status multiple times every day? It seems excessive if it's already successfully activated and the license is good for however many months.
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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @j-gray,

I recommend to submit the questions via a ticket so it will be properly tracked and completely answered.

The EI connector is asking the endpoint if it is licensed.
The endpoint checks the license validity using the ESET's online service, called EDF in this case, some products are able to receive notifications via EPNS on it as well.

Why it happens on the macOS systems only is probably a mystery for now :( we have the issue reported from just a few customers out of many.

All the endpoint products are checking the license validity periodically as the license might be changed i.t. upgraded, downgraded, enlarged, prolonged, cancelled...


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