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ESET Protect reporting agent as Computrace infected 9.0


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I just opened EP and noticed the following red mark in an antivirus scan of a specific computer:


Computer type: Windows 10 (PC)
Agent : Latest 9.0.1141.0

ESET Protect version is 9.0 (9.1 failed to update and is no longer available from the console (the little blue ribbon)

only computer reported this far. 
Any ideas why? 

if any other info is required, let me know

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@Marcos - Thanks for the quick reply Marcos. 
I couldn't figure it out perfectly using that guide to EP Console - but to make it easier for any future finds. 
Basically just right click (or menu click the detection and use the "Create exclusion" option. 

The same print screen is correct in the link you sent. 
But "How to get to it" is missing:


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