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ESET daemon uses 100% of cpu on my mac

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I have ESET Cyber Security Pro on my MacBook Pro running MacOS Catalina (10.15.7).

The ESET daemon uses 100% of the CPU most of the time. In the past it was happening once in a while but

now it is permanent. I tried killing the daemon but it come quickly to 100%. I have tried to change some settings but it is still the same.

Is there a way to solve this problem?




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@Marcos I think this is a bug in a module that was introduced about 4 months ago, as I see it w/ ESET Cyber Security (something causes some module/s to not load right and it seems to block macOS Software Update from being able to check for updates.  Kinda work around is to restart macOS multiple times until I get a boot where what ever was not working works right and I can check for updates and not have to use Safe Mode to update).

Tried to contact support in the past but the developers refused to help on 3 different issues that are still happening.

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We have an ongoing ticket where system updates were failing with Web access protection installed. The case is still being worked on and developers currently anticipate further logs from the user.

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