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Setting up Custom SSL certificate (.pfx file) for ESET PROTECT and running into problems

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Hi all,

I am currently trying to setup our ESET PROTECT web console with a custom SSL Certificate but i am running into a few problems.

The SSL certificate is a .pfx file and whenever i try to follow the guide on how to add an existing one. I get to the point where it tells me to restart the tomcat service but when i do that I can no longer access the ESET PROTECT web console.

Is there something I am missing? 

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  • ESET Staff

Could you please post a link to documentation you followed and also version/platform of Apache Tomcat you are using? ESET PROTECT actually uses standard release of Apache Tomcat so standard steps to enable such certificate should work.

Also standard Apache Tomcat logs might provide more details of why certificate is not loaded properly, it might not only wrong password, but also other certificate parameters, alias of certificate to be used, atc.

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