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Problem deactivating licenses

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We have a problem with ESET Protect license deactivation. For a long time the console has been unmanaged and we have dozens of computers that no longer exist in the company and are using a license.
The problem is that from ESET Protect if we select the computer and the option "Deactivate Products", as it no longer exists, it can not contact and the task does not work.
From ela.eset.com I see the list of equipment but it does not allow me to select the old ones to disable them. It is as if they have been activated by a different user than the one we currently use to log in and we do not have permissions to delete them.
Does anyone know how we can fix it?



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  • ESET Staff

@mgfeal you can login to ELA using the license key, and in that case, you should be able to see and deactivate all of the seats. You will need your license key, and ELA password to enter it. Alternative approach is to setup ESET Business Account, and add there the license. 


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