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Hello guys, I have a question about how to renew license.

I have an Eset mail security with license expired, so I talked with my provider and I bought him a new one.

So, then I tried to apply it with the code, and my antivirus says that is updated, but at the same time it says that license is expired (I didnt apply .lic file, because i dont get it).

I used one like this: 


My Eset mail security version is 4.5.



How is the step by step to apply the new license?



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ESET Mail Security 4.5 is quite old and already reached EOL. Please carry on as follows:
- download the latest ESET Mail Security product  v7.3 from www.eset.com
- uninstall v4.5
- reboot the server
- install the latest v. 7.3.

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Hi Marcos, thank you for your fast reply.


Yes, Im planning with my team leader, but for the moment I should wait for that.

So, there is a way to apply the new license?

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Legacy products required a username and password to update, they didn't support activation using a license key. Just replace the username and password with new ones, if changed. However, U/P is typically preserved when licenses are renewed so maybe no action will be needed.

However, legacy products are going to stop receiving module updates in approx. 2 months. Moreover, they don't support modern server operating systems and may cause issues on Windows Server 2008 and newer. Needless to say that they cannot protect from current threats as effectively as current security products.


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  • ESET Staff
Posted (edited)

One more thing @leoo1231. In order to keep the mail security running, you need to get to the .lic file. The lic file should have been present in the license e-mail, alternatively you can get it in ESET License Administator / ESET Business Account. 

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