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  1. Hey guys how are you? I have a simple question, Can I upgrade from Eset endpoint 6.X to v7.X in a Windows Server with using the same license? Thank you :D
  2. I have sent the activation task but it doesn´t work anyway. I have an proxy in my network to limit connections, may be it being the problem?
  3. Hey guys, Im having some issues trying to install Eset File Security 7 on and Windows server. I have an ESCM console (v 7) 1) At the first place I created an Eset Endpoint Antivirus installer from my ESCM console, and tried to install it on an Windows server, but it failed with an error saying SO not compatible. But then I downloaded the installer from the official page and it works. So my first question is "Cant I install Eset Endpoint on a server?". 2) I created an Eset File Security installer from my ESCM console, I have installed it correctly but then
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