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MSP Groups not present after reinstall of ESMC


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ESMC was not working so I performed full reinstall of all components. I had backed up the server cert and CA and policies via "Export". After install, I imported CA and server cert and machines are checking in like before but they are all going into the LOST AND FOUND Static Group instead of their respective MSP groups that are synced over from license management. Is there any way to get these machines back into their respective groups without have to manually drag and drop them over? 

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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately I cannot verify, but there might a way, using export/import mechanisms of group hierarchy. This would require you to:

  • export list of devices with hierarchy from console of original ESMC
  • import this hierarchy into new ESMC with enabled moving of devices. This step should move exactly named devices to name as was used previously, including creation of groups.
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