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block streaming with client policy

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hello forum,


i have just a question pls.


i would like to block the internet category "streaming & downloadable audio" with a policy.

i went to the policy manager and saw the button "Global Policy Settings" and klicked on it.


Default policy for primary clients = Server-Policy (Server-bs)

Default policy for lower servers = Server-Policy (Server-bs)


I edited the "Server-Policy (Server-bs)" and went to "Windows desktop v5 - Web Control - Settings"


System integration = yes

Rules = See dialog


Into to the dialog i added a new rule with the URL/Category "streaming & downloadable audio" and the action is "block"


But the rule doesn't work for the clients and i don't know why. Every User can stream the webradio and so on.


I need some help pls


best regards

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Hello Bernette.

After adjusting the policy did you assign that policy to the clients ?

Right click on a client in the clients tab and set.

After the clients check back in to era it should take effect.

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Hello Arakasi,


thank you for your reply.


The policy is set by default to a client. I haven't changed it.

It calls "Default Primary Clients Policy" and the description of it is "Virtual policy that links to the default policy for primary clients"


So thats the reason why i changed the "Server-Policy (Server-bs)" but it doesn't work :-(

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You cant use default clients policy because thats the default settings on the client when installed.

Switch from default client to your editted policy.


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The question is whether the web control rule wasn't applied at all or whether you simply tested it with websites that don't fall into the mentioned category. To find out what category a particular website falls into, enter the desired url to the form in the "Report a miscategorization of a website by the Parental Control module" section at hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN141, enter the captcha and click Lookup.

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