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  1. Hello Arakasi, thank you for your reply. The policy is set by default to a client. I haven't changed it. It calls "Default Primary Clients Policy" and the description of it is "Virtual policy that links to the default policy for primary clients" So thats the reason why i changed the "Server-Policy (Server-bs)" but it doesn't work :-(
  2. hello forum, i have just a question pls. i would like to block the internet category "streaming & downloadable audio" with a policy. i went to the policy manager and saw the button "Global Policy Settings" and klicked on it. Default policy for primary clients = Server-Policy (Server-bs) Default policy for lower servers = Server-Policy (Server-bs) I edited the "Server-Policy (Server-bs)" and went to "Windows desktop v5 - Web Control - Settings" System integration = yes Rules = See dialog Into to the dialog i added a new rule with the URL/Category "streaming & downloadable audio" and the action is "block" But the rule doesn't work for the clients and i don't know why. Every User can stream the webradio and so on. I need some help pls best regards
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