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Friends visit and want my wifi


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Hello, there are friends who comes once in a while, like once  in a month.

Although the friends are known for five years or more,

I still feel at most i can share a guest wifi with monthly change password with no local access directly from TP-link router.

I am playing the hacknet and hope to play the greyhack from steam... the last week. (and i am playing with no clue how to pass)


I wonder if people will pre-written code can somehow sneak in the apps they download from their mobile device, (and especially the 3rd party freeware they DL without knowing the source)

and when they connect my WIFI, the code will invade my system??

How do you think that is possible?


First i fear the computer react slower if i install something or i share the wifi

Second when i try to repair their computer in their homes, even i re-install the OS on a new HDD, when i connect the old HDD, before i format it, the system stop responding and the mouse does not move or work whenever i try to do some functions and it is very frustrating. I already delete 30 weird code application and try to change the mac-address. Then i re-install the os on a new hdd but i should not connect the old hdd which got a problem. 


One year later he said his family repaired his computer (old 2nd hand computer with lots of weird language games installed) by using eraser on the connectors i guess is the usb ports).

But i am very doubt about the stability of his system.


Back to my hand built pc system and mobile devices.



Somehow i connect my old portable hdd into my new mobile device. The portable hdd was 5 years ago, i backup everything useful on the HDDs on the PC (coz the portable hdd case is bad connectors and i open the encase and screw it directly inside the pc by sata_) after i copy the files I format the HDD. It looks ok. But after that i ran a system scan using ESET, and i use CCleaner to clean all the trackers and junk files automatically.

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ESET is not in the wireless networking business, but using a guest wireless network without access to  your own internal network of machines is a good start.  Keeping the router up-to-date with the latest firmware from the manufacturer is important, too.  If they are no longer providing updates, you can look to see if firmware from a third-party is available, such as DD-WRT, or replace the router with a new, supported device.  If you are using ESET Internet Security or ESET Smart Security Premium, you can use the Connected Home Monitor feature to see what is attached to your internal network.

For scanning other people's computers, you may want to consider using a USB flash drive with ESET SysRescue Live installed to it.


Aryeh Goretsky

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