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how to clean our software false positive by ESET?

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Please help with ESET detection. I've never got any reply from your technical servise.
We are  software company and have some issues with ESET antivirus software.  
Our installers are detected like Potentially Unwanted. However, our installers are absolutely safe.  
I've been trying to solve this matter for a long time but I haven't got any answer from samples@eset.com or from whitelist@eset.sk (I completed your form and sent it twice last week)
Also I've tried to write to dispute@appesteem.com and I have receiced the advise to write to samples@eset.com
I'm desperate and I will be very thankful If you can give the contact of the responsable person I can write to.

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1, This forum does not serve as a channel for disputing detections as stated also in Please read this before you post.

2, PUA detections are unlikely to be false positives since they are created after in-depth analysis of particular applications.

PUA detection is optional and is enabled only with user's consent. If a user thinks that using a particular PUA outweigh possible risks (e.g. ads that the applications may display), the user can exclude it from detection by the detection name.

Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.


By the way, just by a quick look at the application it's annoying to constantly get this pop up to buy some extra gold pack of something that was allegedly offered for free and there's no "No thanks" button next to Buy to refuse the offer. Annoyances like this may contribute to PUA classification besides others. It's a good practice to make the application fulfill AppEsteems criteria to minimize the chances of PUA detection, however, they are not the only ones that must be fulfilled by app makers.


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