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eamonm.sys causing crash to black screen


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I'm having an issue where my computer will randomly crash to a black screen and I need to hard reboot at the power button to restart it. After analyzing the memory dump it seems eamonm.sys is causing the crash. I've seen other posts where this has been the case but it didn't look like any one of them had a resolution.

Is there any known cause of this or anyone I can send the memory dump to for analysis by someone more knowledgeable than myself?


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I'm not able to upload them directly since they are over the limit but they can be found here:


Note this is the ESET Log Collector logs and dumps from two separate crashes.

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @radar,

thank you for the dump files.

I checked them briefly and will pass it to the devs to analyze it deeper.

How often does you get BSOD, if I may ask?

Do you happen to have a complete memory dump from it? If yes can you please provide me with one?


We apologize for the inconvenience caused, P.R.

tracking note for us: P_ESSW-7633

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