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SysInspector Viewer not working in Windows 8.1?


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I need a little help troubleshooting a problem to see if this occurs only on my computer or elsewhere. I'm currently looking at the ESET SysInspector on a Windows 8.1 Pro computer but the viewer seems to have a problem


Steps to reproduce:


1) Open ESET 7.0.302.26 

2) Create SysInspector log

3) Double click on SysInspector log to view the item


Actions noticed:


1) I will get a UAC prompt to open the SysInspector viewer, but the viewer does not come up

2) The SysInspector.exe process is shown to be suspended in task manager

3) While the ESET GUI is not frozen, it's unable to open some menu actions, such as viewing the ESET Statistics screen.

4) Logging off the computer will result on forcing a log off because of a stuck application (no application will be listed) or an Application Terminated screen will come up due to unable to write into memory.


Can anyone else confirm?

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