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Firewall rule failed in Learning mode

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I have installed ESET Endpoint security 6.6 to clients by pushing from ERA 6. I have enabled network firewall in learning mode, some of the PC is showing failed to create firewall rule on events. Others client do not have this issue.

I'm new to ESET product, Please help me how to resolve this issue.

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  • ESET Staff

First of all, you have not deployed the Endpoint 6.6 as that was not yet released (we are above to release Endpoint 6.5 by the end of February).

The issue you are experiencing might be related to already configured rules via policy. If firewall has some rules defined by policy, learning mode won´t work, due to the rules being only read-only on the local client.

For the 6.5 version, best practice would be:

  1. Run the learning mode wizard on the Endpoints
  2. Get the results and convert them into policy
  3. Apply custom rules to the client by another policy, and using the flag "pre-pend / append" (new policy flags, to be introduced in the ERA 6.5).
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Hi Michal, Thanks for the reply.

Yes I have endpoint 6.4, thanks for correcting me and thank you for providing Best practices.

1.       Is there any way for me to stop this events or do I have to wait for 6.5 to be released.

2.       What will be the best way to get ESET technical support, is there is any email support which I can get, if yes please provide me ESET technical support email.


Thank you!

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