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  1. @Nightowl Thank you very much.. rules are working.
  2. Hi There, I want to create firewall rule to allow traffic for application located on "C:\Users\userxyz\AppData\Local\test\Testing\Test.exe" How can I create rule for 50 users because Path will be different for different users. Example, for user 1 it will be C:\Users\userabc\AppData\Local\test\Testing\Test.exe" and for other will be C:\Users\user123\AppData\Local\test\Testing\Test.exe" Product: ESET endpoint security for windows 7.2.2055.0 ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.1 (7.1.717.0) ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.1 (7.1.393.0) Thanks
  3. How can I create Web protection email alert notification. In security management center, I gone to Notification ->new notification->Configuration->Category. I don’t see Web protection category to choose. Products: ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.1 (7.1.717.0) ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.1 (7.1.393.0) Thanks.
  4. Hi Marcos/ESET, I have email in Mail quarantine in Mail security for exchange. I want to add email notification to recipients that their email is in quarantine, so that if they wish they can release the email. Please let me know is this possible. Thanks.
  5. Hi ESET, im not able to activate ESET file security on Windows 2016 server using ESET security management center. below are the logs : Error: CUpdatesModule [Thread fe8]: PerformUpdate: Module update failed with error: Server not found. (error code 12547) Warning: CPushNotificationsModule [Thread 13c4]: Failed to configure EPNS resource (retrying in 21600 seconds): Error calling PNS API 'PnsRegisterClient' (return code = 19108) Licensing; ESET File Security: Activation was not successful. (Could not reach activation server. (ECP.25))
  6. Hi marcos, Thank for the reply. I’m taking about the actual user not spammer. For example, if user A email gets into quarantine or email is blocked in Mail Security, is it possible to notify user A.
  7. Hi There, If an email is quarantined in ESET Mail Security, can that particular user will be notified in email notification. The reason for asking is, user should have information that his/her email has been deleted/quarantine and if they wish they can ask for release of that email. Windows Server: Windows server 2012 ESET Mail Security: ESET Mail Security 7.0.10020.0
  8. Hi Marcos, it is URL. I will send the URL in private message to you Thanks
  9. Hi There, One of the pc detected threat “JS/Adware.StreamItOnline.A. I’m seeing this alert few times from past couple of days. Action taken is “connection terminated”. Do I have to remove chrome browser and install again to remove this threat. Below are the details Threat name: JS/Adware.StreamItOnline.A Threat Type: application Threat handled: Yes Process name: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe Hash: 50D0A509FEE79452AB3A13686CA8C49AB91948A2 OS: windows 8.1 ESET product: ESET Endpoint Security 7.1.2045.5 Detection engine version: 19932 (20190828) Scanner: HTTP filter
  10. Hi, Is it possible to create a rule to block application (eg: chrome browser) remote communication in ESET File Security? If yes please provide step, how to do it. OS: Windows 2012 R2 ESET File security Version: 7.0.12016.0
  11. Thank you Marcos, The reason was asking about Detection engine 18638 was because This was the detection engine found on computers. Thanks for the confirmation. @itman …. I had informed this to my management This malware will be detected by ESET (based on Virustotal result) but I was still told to get confirmation. We can close this thread …. Thanks you again to Marcos, itman, and aranud87
  12. Thanks aranud87, I checked all the hash values mentioned in post and found all in Virus total. But i need ESET to acknowledge or confirm that this hash values will be detected by Detection Engine 18638. I hope someone from ESET can confirm this. Thank you.
  13. Hi There, Can you please let me know is below hash values are included in ESET Detection Engine 18638 Hash SHA-1 ******************************************** e669392b950af703197afaac68c6b7d928298ab9 7fdae8b4f6bc8da8d5b9ea75d86ff328386fd7ce 240357530fdd0daa241b25e074e026df63329b66 36239b74133031b55ce4c71c3392784ccaec94f6 215b4e2702052c050213c2500fdea8dd7a0ace5b aff14d9cf65053104903733776bfcedbfb2036be 5125d7b9609a74c8f7dd4187a6da8dfb97312769 d6e6853450f2fbb2e231bcc5a879c61bc4dc1e52 Products: ESET Endpoint Security 6.6.2064.0 ESET File Security 7.0.12014.0 OS: Windows 8.1 and Windows server 2012
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