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NodSslWriteEncryptedData error in ERA Agent 6.4

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I've a Windows 7 SP1 x64. Can't connect to ERA Server after been installed ERA Agent 6.4. In the trace.log, it has a lot of error message:

2017-01-26 02:51:30 Error: NetworkModule [Thread 608]: Protocol failure for session id 36, error:Receive: NodSslWriteEncryptedData: Handshake failed to complete.
2017-01-26 02:51:30 Error: CReplicationModule [Thread fd4]: CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "" port: 2222' failed with: Receive: NodSslWriteEncryptedData: Handshake failed to complete.

It has been tried to remove and install several times. Even reboot it few times. But it just doesn't work. I've try to do the same thing in other computer. It work well. I used the same EraAgentInstaller.bat to install ERA Agent in all of computers. And this computer has no firewall. I also use Wireshark to capture the packet. Something send to ERA server from this computer and received something back. Please help me to resolve the problem, thank you.

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Create a new Live agent installer to ensure that it includes current certificates needed to succeed handshake and establish a secure connection.

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