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  1. the dialog was shown in the removable media option. if i didn't make it clear before, the dialog never appeared when i selected advanced scans > custom > select this pc > and from the settings top right gear > scan profiles > in-depth
  2. i connected my external hdd on my pc and started an in-depth scan of both my pc and the external drive plus all other options like registry, wmi etc. on my external, there are a couple crack tools/generators that i know are safe and they are recognized as PUA. after the scan finished, the program didn't show the action dialog (keep, ignore, delete). it's the first time i noticed that. to further test it, i did another scan selecting only the folders with the executables in question, once it was done the dialog appeared. could it be a one time occurrence? there are no files in the exclusion list. i have gathered full logs in case someone wants to take a look, since the file is 1.2GB i uploaded it to onedrive and the link is available to eset staff upon request.
  3. yes the same key can be used to activate it again.
  4. the latest publicly available stable Windows version is 19042.867 (20H2, the Ocober 2020 update). you say you have v.21H1. this is a preview/insider build. 21H1 is due for release in May. are you running insider builds? since i'm already running the 19042.867 (20H2) stable version, i haven't noticed anything related to sound or video. could it be that the driver is incompatible with certain AVs and it requires an update? have you checked with the manufacturer of your sound card or the optional updates section in Windows Update panel? if that problem existed in previous versions as well, could you try a linux live dvd to test if the issue persists? it could also be a hardware problem.
  5. in my pc the Epfw NDIS LightWeight Filter driver isn't present in the network adapter properties window, so i guess it depends on windows version and configuration, unless Eset stopped providing the driver in it's products, in any case, if you used the uninstaller and the application reports that your pc is clean and no supported products are found, then you're fine.
  6. even if the technician didn't have any bad intentions, they sometimes need to have the device in front of them so they can check if the keyboard or any other component fits perfectly and it works as intended. that way they can avoid having to replace it again or prevent further damage if it wasn't fitting correctly.
  7. you can upload the image to https://imgur.com/ and you can insert the link here. guests can't upload files in the forum. you could always create an account and continue using the full features of the site.
  8. if a complete scan comes clean then i doubt there's an infection. folders not opening could mean a problem with the OS itself or the permissions on your user account.
  9. 14.0.22 is currently the stable version. what do you mean with you talk about windows updates or ESET NOD32 updates?
  10. i enabled it for a minute and then i successfully disabled it. it stayed active as it supposed to do. if it deactivates itself after 5 minutes then it might be programmed to do so. Marcos can verify that. also your settings might be corrupted and a complete reinstall might be required. i'd suggest to remove the program through safe mode with the uninstaller and install it again. run the uninstaller a couple of times until it reports that "no supported programs found" https://support.eset.com/en/kb2289-uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool also check this folder on your pc to see if any logs are really generated, just to be sure that it works at least. C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Diagnostics also tell us if there is any issue with the product and why do you need all the logging options enabled. in my case running it for about a minute, it made a 500MB log file. running all of them and keep them all day can fill up the HDD space quickly.
  11. you mean this option? advanced logging shouldn't be constantly enabled cause it will generate huge amounts of logs. you should only enabled them when troubleshooting specific errors and only when the support team has specifically told you to enable them. unless you have a specific problem keep them disabled. what problem do you have with the program?
  12. couldn't you update to the latest supported update for the patch? are they not available? perhaps look in the catalog site, https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/home.aspx
  13. please take a look at this post which has a link to an article you might be interested
  14. if you remove a device from there it will be reinstalled as the OS sees fit. as far as i can see those images look fine to me. my pc has a similar list. i suppose each version and laptop manufacturer causes the OS to install a slightly different list. as for the different accounts you see on C, are they named something like this, "defaultuser001" or "defaultuser1"
  15. i replicated it as well. selecting whatever lens at the bottom of the page provided in the OP, results in eset blocking it.
  16. can you upload a couple of pictures with those weird accounts you see in C drive and those devices? if it's not malware then it;s normal functionality of the operating system. in the linked MS forum post, the user that reports those unknown devices, those exist to my pc as well.
  17. since it's working now for me too, it was an isolated issue affecting a small number of users on certain regions perhaps.
  18. i can confirm the list is also empty on my side as well. also no error messages on the Log about connectivity.
  19. follow the instructions in this article on how to enter safe mode and uninstall the program using the removal tool Eset provides. https://support.eset.com/en/kb2289-uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool then download it again from here https://www.eset.com/int/download-home/
  20. here's an example of one of those services on my pc.
  21. some of them might be located in the "view optional updates" section in Windows Update settings panel. in my case it shows Microsoft Silverlight ready to download but it doesn't appear in Windows Update. Silverlight is obsolete now and unnecessary now. i suspect that Eset pulls info from the Microsoft Catalog website and displays them. if you click "Check for Updates" in the Windows Update and it shows your device is up to date, then don't worry.
  22. real-time file system protection for example can't be disabled permanently as this will defeat the whole purpose of the program's protection. it's not recommended to completely disable the other modules unless you really know what you're doing as the system can get infected with serious malware.
  23. i watched the majority of your videos and all of them seem to me are meant to either scare or misinform others. i'm 1000% sure that google employees didn't harass you for over 6 years. you yourself said in the video that you inspected the webpage and also said "i don't know what all this is"
  24. it doesn't seem a legitimate product sold from Eset, i would recommend not to buy it. either locate a legitimate retailer with good reputation or buy it directly from eset
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