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  1. Who says? A proactive screen helps anyone a lot, including most newbies.
  2. Are you always so suspicious or do you really believe that everything has a second intention behind it? Impressive! huh? Look! The official page Eset has launched a new version for Linux being: (ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8 GUI for Linux, saying that there is "Graphical interface" when in fact the image does not exist, as can be seen in the link (https: / /help.eset.com/eeau/8/en-US/gui.html). That, in itself, is enough to make a correction of the page without questioning anything. The real intention is to discover the truth, that is, separating the chaff from the wheat. I
  3. Hello Eset Team Is there a screenshot of ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8 GUI for Linux I have searched the stores and official sites, documentation and found nothing. Can you help me with this question? https://help.eset.com/eeau/8/en-US/app-notifications.html?gui.html Thanks
  4. Hello Eset Team I'll rephrase the question Please! This version Filename: eeau.x86_64.bin | File size: 235 MB | Version: replaced this one: Filename: ueavbe.x86_64.pt_br.linux | File size: 100 MB | Version:, If so, how to migrate. https://www.eset.com/us/business/endpoint-security/linux-antivirus/download/ being within the effective period of 01 and if possible. It got a little confusing for me and I look forward to an answer if possible. I thank you for your attention Serial.com
  5. Hello people Can you take a doubt? Who has the ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 Business Edition for Linux Desktop version within the 01 year validity period will be able to automatically upgrade to ESET Endpoint Antivirus version for Linux 7 when it is finished? Is this BETA version possible to install on ArchLinux? If so, what are the commands for installation? I thank you for your attention Serial.com
  6. Hello Eset Team Eset for Linux detected the modified host as a virus, which, in my opinion, is a false positive. He reports having cleaned up a virus variant called (a clean Trojan Win32 / Qhost variant ", but has not removed any lines from the modified host. Its removal is in my view" false or failed "because the messages return saying they have been removed again , as follows: 12/03/2020 08:34:35 Preload the access protection file / etc / hosts a variant of the Win32 / Qhost Trojan clean root event The event occurred in a new file created by the application: / usr / bin / bash
  7. Hello Rami In my understanding, the configurations carried out described by me in the apparmor are only giving access to Eset to free scan the files blocked by it, the other applications will continue being blocked, since the permission was only granted to Eset next to apparmor. Surely the developers of this AV Eset are unwilling to work in accordance with the guidelines imposed by the apparmor. It is common for two security processes to conflict. Recently I installed one of my machines Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Linux and to my surprise, all the settings were changed without
  8. Hello Marcos I hope these serve: ##RE-532974## , Ticket ##RE-533029## , Ticket ##RE-533029## , Ticket ##RE-533234##] , #3987] If you need to send all the emails with a copy for you too Thanks Serial.com
  9. Hi Marcos Having a forum just as a showcase of a product is just perfumery. Certainly the problem has already been reported to Eset support as I always do. What we look for in forum is exactly this, to share knowledge with each other in the mutual aid in possible solutions of problems that often we do not find in the Support Eset by the poor attendance and even in the Eset Forum. How hard it is to see you treat your customers, users and fans of Eset products as a mere ticket. Sincerely, ******************** Hi Marcos Ter um fórum apenas como Vitrine de um pro
  10. Hi, Eset Staff e Equipe Eset In November 2018 the same thing happened and I did not get a response, as can be seen in this link below: Its indication had no effect whatsoever, where I found a solution on third party pages so that Eset for Linux 4.0.90 could work on Deepin 15.9.1, as it can be seen and searched in the link below. The tip is that eventually the Eset laboratory can make the possible correction in the downloadable application that still remains uncorrected. https://bbs.deepin.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=144099&highlight=Eset Sincere
  11. Hi Peter Now you need to research and troubleshoot these error messages that still continue to appear in the Eset Event Log. 26/02/2019 08:32:48 ESET Daemon Error while updating anti-virus modules: An error occurred while downloading the update files. 26/02/2019 08:32:39 Media control access Unable to unlock removable media (org.freedesktop.udisks2.filesystem-mount) 25/02/2019 15:38:58 ESET Daemon Unable to read from socket: Connection reestablished by same protocol level 02/25/2019 15:28:40 Media control access Unable to unlock removable media (org.freedesktop.udisks2.filesyst
  12. Hello Eset Team Eset Business for Linux version 4.0.90 installs, but does not open in Deepin 15.9.1 Does anyone know how to make the app open, work, and update? See the images below: I thank you for your attention Serial.com
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