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  1. Hello Eset Team ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop 4.0.82 Locked in the scan as shown below Serial
  2. Hello julio cesar I was only able to solve these problems when I sent e-mail to the technical support requesting help, where they sent me an e-mail with a validation license for validation, where later the program is validated and later to be tested for thirty days. In the site of the Forum, unfortunately we do not see anything that can help us unfortunately. Strong hug and hope this helps!
  3. I was able to receive a trial license through Eset technical support. Thank you! At the moment, testing the product and found the following situation: The ESET icon on the DASH does not open. See image. Is it possible to put the file trace request in the ubuntu context menu? From now on, I'm grateful for attention!
  4. More people getting caught using ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop version 4.0.82, more specifically in version 16.04.2. Will there be improvements to this software for Linux users? hxxp://
  5. I still have a locking problem on startup of Ubuntu 16.04.2 with ESET NOD32 for LINUX
  6. Hello Eset Team Tired of using windows, I created a vitual environment and downloaded this version of ESET antivirus for LINUX UBUNTU 16.04.2 and to my surprise the antivirus does not validate the 30 days for testing. See pictures below. Someone can help me solve this problem since the other antivirus I downloaded I did not like using them in Ubuntu 16.04.2. I Eset AV is crashing the OS at startup of Ubuntu and during navigation. thank you for your attention ! Serial. With
  7. Hello Team Eset Eset Smart Security 10.0.386.5 PT BR has not detected any of the vulnerabilities in the Ransomware vulnerability test of RanSim Ransomware Simulator. According to the website specialized in computer science on here , the program does not modify any user files and is perfectly safe. It is noteworthy that Malwarebytes version also did not detect any ds vulnerabilities. Following images: 2º Part
  8. Sorted out (!) I ran the prerelease-fix.reg and returned to perform the updates automatically.
  9. Hello team Eset After updating the version of Eset Smart Security for 10.0.369.1 is not updating the database of virus signatures. See attached image: I am Brazilian and not dominate the English. So I ask deculpas for any error in the text. I'm doing the translations by google translator. I thank EPLA attention and look back!