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  1. just for future reference, i spoke with my local eset office (since i bought it directly from eset.com) and they are able to upgrade the key for a higher product by paying the respective price of course.
  2. no unless you specifically activate the ESET Anti-Theft feature on the product itself. if you worry about someone compromising the security of your accounts, use a service that provides secure passwords and stores them in a browser extension for example. also make use of two factor authentication whenever possible.
  3. how can someone activate the product with your email? do you know what's my email address? no, and you can't guess it. even if someone uses your email, you will get a message from ESET about a product that was activated, and if it wasn't you that made the transaction, tell them and they will take appropriate action. don't worry about it.
  4. unless the user is trying to cause our devices to blue screen, this bug is not related to ESET and it's something about the Windows OS only. Marcos see this the Windows bug will blue screen if the user tries to access the above destination on his pc. MS is aware of that.
  5. why would you try and provide a fake email then? the program asks for your email so it can activate the trial version. you can use your regular email and you'll be fine. if you're concerned about security issues, create a new email account just for the trial purposes.
  6. i'm curious, my license was bought for EIS and from the "change product" menu window i suppose i can also use NOD as well. my question is, is it possible to upgrade my license so i can use ESS, or would i have to buy a unique license for Smart Security specifically?
  7. i clicked them and they opened in english for me
  8. you mean the eset license? if the laptop can't boot at all, visit https://my.eset.com/ log in you'll be able to deactivate one seat. if you free one seat, the free one will remain available to be used to another machine. your working machine will be fine.
  9. at least on my country's banks, in case of a prepaid card you use the full name that's on the bank records. eg. Anthony Stark. it;s verified through their systems and the transaction completes. but there have been cases (for greece) some retailers or shops do not accept prepaid ones. it all depends on the bank and the online shop.
  10. i've noticed that v13 and now with v14, the settings window of EIS (and maybe the other eset programs as well) doesn't remember the size and position i set when i have it open. the main program window does remember it's size and position after each reboot/open-close. eg. i'll open the settings and maximize it or set it very large. after closing it and opening it again it will revert to the default size/position. it'd be nice if it would remember those values instead of returning to default each time.
  11. i always purchase with a debit card. never had a problem, did you speak with your bank in case there's a block by the bank on specific countries or companies?
  12. also don't forget to run the tool a few times until it reports "no supported products found", that way you'll be sure it has removed everything.
  13. i just activated it (i had never used it) and it shows it as well. sorry for the confusion. if you can edit the post and reupload another image where you paint out your email for safety reasons.
  14. how does the program shows your emal on the top of it's window? do you use another program that shows such info cause i've never seen such an option in the program settings. where did you download the program from?
  15. this might help. ESET, LLC. 610 West Ash Street, Suite 1700 San Diego, CA 92101 U.S.A. Toll-Free: +1 (866) 343-ESET (3738) Tel: +1 (619) 876-5400 Fax: +1 (619) 876-5845 Web: www.eset.com/us
  16. even a healthy system will have many warnings, critical info etc etc. you can't have an installation with a completely empty/clean event log. so unless your pc or windows installation doesn't work right, don't look at the event log all the time.
  17. you can also use the "snipping tool" look for it in the start menu in the windows accessories folder at the bottom.
  18. on latest FF when clicking on image attachments on posts to view them, they open in a full screen like mode with no visible X to close them other than clicking the "back" button on the browser to go one page back. on latest MS Edge this seem to work as intended. both tests were done with no addons that block scripts or adverts etc. the bottom picture is from FF, the image from the post i clicked doesn't "float" like on Edge does. after an image is clicked, it will momentarily appear "floating" then it will go to "full-screen mode". i can create a video if needed. -
  19. the "network protection" option shows the firewall logs, right? mine is completely empty. i suppose this is due to the above-mentioned bug? the firewall is on automatic mode.
  20. you misunderstood my words. "50 times" was an exaggeration. i prefer to use uninstallers whenever possible and if offered by the company so when i reinstall the program, i do it with completely clean settings. i mainly use them if i deem the program doesn't work as intended, an update didn't complete successfully or if i plan to do some testing, etc. the uninstallers work in the same way a normal uninstallation works, it scans and deletes the files it's meant to remove, it doesn't damage the hdd/ssd in any way.
  21. are you suggesting that the eset removal tool broke the windows installation? i highly doubt it because it's written specificlly to delete files/folders and registry keys related to ESET, nothing else. the only thing it might "break" is the network adapter driver but that can be fixed easily. to be honest i've used that tool more than 50 times all these years and it never caused any issue to the installation or the network settings. every time it did it's job smoothly.
  22. you can modify the default scheduled tasks to suit your needs and restore them to their default state in case you change your mind. in fact eset doesn't prevent the computer or other programs to connect to the internet while the program is downloading definition updates or perform a startup scan, etc. this must be a problem with the windows network settings, your network card or some other factor. my first eset product was nod32 v2.x back in 2007. it has never prevented my pc to connect to the internet when it was resuming from a cold boot or sleep/hibernation.
  23. perhaps that earlier value was due to fresh boot or the task manager not being refreshed correctly or me not noticing the numbers correctly? the numbers are calculated in kb or byte? i'm confused.
  24. if i'm not mistaken, the section "user interface" in the program settings has the options for those messages In-product messaging Display marketing messages – In-product messaging has been designed to inform users of ESET news and other communications. Sending marketing messages requires the consent of a user. Therefore, marketing messages are not sent to a user by default (shown as a question mark). By enabling this option, you agree to receive ESET marketing messages. If you are not interested in receiving ESET marketing material, disable the option.
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