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  1. sorry to hijack the thread but there must be something wrong with the installation. on my pc the ekrn.exe is somewhere 50-60 MB, definitely not more than 200 or 400. have you tried a clean install by removing it through safe mode? run the tool a few times until it reports that "no supported products were found" https://support.eset.com/en/kb2289-uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool then download and install the full package from here
  2. google translate reports it as Czech and it seems it's a product survey that somehow was sent in another language. i doubt it's inappropriate and definitely not a reason to change AV. how can we improve? share with us your experiences and opinions on eset. fill in the questionnaire 5 minutes
  3. if a company has a pretty and more informative message for a 404 error it doesn't mean they more capable than others with a plain page.. i'm sure the server admin is notified about it and since we don't know what caused it, we don't know how hard or easy it is for a fix. since it's expiring tomorrow you can call the offices in Asia and explain your issue and perhaps they can help by renewing it in another way. ESET Asia Pacific ESET ASIA PTE LTD 3 Anson Road #12-01/02 Springleaf Tower 079909 Singapore Tel: +65 6308 9680 Fax: +65 6536 8224
  4. Marcos, after visiting the address you gave and selecting to renew the license, it reports a "server not found" error. so i guess the OP is correct, the Philippine server has issues. even the "activation" link can't be opened.
  5. it's weird. i visited the site mentioned and both ublock and EIS didn't even bat an eye.
  6. the captcha verification is a method of distinguishing real humans from scripted bots. there are other methods, for example, dragging a small puzzle image to it's correct position, but that implementation depends on the website owner. also, renewing the eset license has nothing to do with google, google won't "steal" your key
  7. imo that notification is a crucial part of the successful operation of the program and the OS. a user could be alerted that something in the OS isn't working right and then take action. it he could disable it, even by mistake, then the entire system could be at huge risk.
  8. so this means it's something that will be fixed in a future product update or it's a OS bug?
  9. if by lag you mean the delay that happens between online functionality or aged hardware, then no! ESET products remove viruses and other malware, they don't interfere with the network latency or "fix" old hardware.
  10. there's a possibility that a normal restart isn't working due to the "fast startup" feature of windows 8 and later. Windows keep a portion of the kernel always loaded on the hdd to save time during the boot process. upon installing v14.0.22.0 some shields were disabled, but after performing a restart via the CMD, everything runs fine now. may i suggest you all try opening the CMD (no need for admin rights), then type this shutdown.exe /r this will perform a full shutdown and reboot of the computer. just a thought.
  11. try an offline upgrade to see if it's going to be successful EIS https://www.eset.com/int/home/internet-security/download/ NOD https://www.eset.com/int/home/antivirus/download/ SSP https://www.eset.com/int/home/smart-security-premium/download/ download the appropriate installer of your current product. click advanced download on the right side to let you download the full package and not the live installer.
  12. actually it's the font used by the app that shows the "g" kinda weird. if you look the word "Program" the "g" looks the same.
  13. perhaps that rule is in place due to the fact that a release might have an unknown bug that will cause serious issues and thus it must be pulled from the release channel and fix it. so in that case the release notes will change, and creating multiple posts, deleting or editing existing ones to reflect the new and fixed issues, isn't too easy. (well it's very easy to edit posts, but a little bit time consuming)
  14. i got a notification that EIS has automatically applied the new v14 update and it requires a reboot to fully install it. because i didn't disable the setting to product updates, my question is, is there a way to cancel that update and remain to v13 without uninstalling the whole program? i'd like to remain on v13 for the moment or if it's not possible to cancel it, if i download the full installer can i perform an upgrade on top of the existing version/pending update?
  15. actually Microsoft will refuse support or at least free support if the key isn't bought directly from them. Eg. if your Dell/HP/Asus etc., laptop came preinstalled with Windows, MS will ask you to contact the manufacturer for support even if the OS isn't made by that third company. (at least that what i remember a few years back.)
  16. the license wasn't yours, it was bought by someone in Afghanistan as stated before and that key is used by more than 100 other persons. so, it wasn't not yours. nowhere in those sentences there's an accusation on you. it's just an observation that the key isn't originally registered on your email, rather on a completely different individual. and i agree with Page42, 3 pages and 61 replies later, that thread has run it's course. ✌🏻️
  17. i discovered that the dark theme on the forum has a disadvantage. it makes text with black color, invisible. i was reading a post and i found it peculiar that text was missing. then after selecting (by dragging the mouse) the text, everything became readable. so the dark theme, with the black or very dark grey coloured letters (by pasting the original formatting) results in an almost unreadable text. _
  18. the phrase "looks like a pirated key" imo doesn't seem insulting. i personally understand it as a statement that my key isn't meant for me and it's pirated. pirated doesn't necessarily mean that it's cracked or modified, it means that it could be passed to many users as well. although i agree that he/she could give you a link to read about the fair use of the license codes, what's allowed and what's forbidden, the representative failed to do that. and as Marcos said "The anti-piracy system was put into action earlier this year", so it could be that you missed the chance to have your key checked by the system or somehow it wasn't checked by the servers. in any case it would be better to call the respective customer care of your country or whatever country was you chatted with and provide feedback about your experience. they'll handle it as they know.
  19. as stated in another post by a moderator, for a new browser to be supported there must be quite high demand from users. i assume it takes time for a new browser to be added to the list and those browsers are among the most popular.
  20. according to this help page https://support.eset.com/en/how-to-use-eset-banking-and-payment-protection the supported browsers are: Internet Explorer (, Microsoft Edge (, Google Chrome ( and Firefox (
  21. after visiting the page to recover my EIS serial number, i received two emails. one had the key of EIS with ID 3AJ-M7C-DA8. the other mail had a license key for Eset Smart Security Premium (key available upon request), with an expiration date of 31-10-2021. since i only bought EIS recently, i talked with Eset Greece and they told me the other key was registered on 2016 in Slovakia, and that's all the info they could provide to me cause they don't have access to Slovakian data. i don't remember buying that product in 2016. and if i bought it i would have used it. any help?
  22. the code will arrive on your email in the form of 1ABC-2ABC-3ABC-4ABC-5ABC did you check the spam folder as well? sometimes messages can mistakenly end up there. mine arrived almost instantly.
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