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  1. yes, you are safe. on the top image right above the black box it says connection terminated, that means that the connection to the malicious website or link was closed before it had the chance to infect you or try to download anything. also on the bottom is says in green letters your device is now protected and you can safely..... your pc is fine
  2. maybe you used for some trial version in the past? in any case i doubt someone has harvested or guessed the email and sent you that message. even if they did they would try to scam you, not sent you info about updated ToS
  3. i suppose this might help https://www.eset.com/uk/about/contact/ +44 (0)1202 405 405
  4. actually there was an email about the ToS. perhaps the part that could confuse users is the info@enjoy.eset.com domain in the email. just a quick note, not everything that goes to Junk folder is always spam. for example, i get newsletters of a coffee company that advertise their new products, although it's safe and just informational from a real company, it always ends up in the spam folder.
  5. although i'm not aware of any security breach, are you sure you enter the correct URL for the MyEset page? https://my.eset.com/
  6. the default "all samples except documents" should be ok. personally i selected "all detected samples", it's up to you. i wouldn't recommend to disable the option and never submit detected samples as this will make it harder for the company to detect new malware and improve it's detection modules.
  7. for example: you can download the VLC Media Player from it's website, a completely legitimate and safe app/file. but since the file is brand new and was released last week, ESET LiveGrid system doesn't recognize it because not many users have it on their systems and sends it to the Eset Lab so the team can test it. when they see that it's safe, they will ignore it. (the above is just a rough example of how it works) as Marcos said once you enable the LiveGrid feedback option it will send samples and suspicious files for testing.
  8. boot into safe mode and when you're presented with the safe mode boot options list, select #4. then just right click the downloaded uninstaller tool and select, "run as admin" from the context menu, follow the instructions and you're done! i suggest running the tool a couple times until it shows "no supported products found".
  9. since Marcos mentions that you have Spico installed, i can only guess that you might not have a valid Windows license. a friend of mine used that program and had countless issues with his pc, including not being able to install programs cause they were just failing to install. he ended up getting a valid license key and doing a complete format. i would suggest the same, get a new windows key when you get the chance.
  10. the only way to undo the changes it does, assuming there's no malware involved, is to use the System Restore tool and select a restore point before the day/time that the System Cleaner was run.
  11. most probably those users run a beta version of the software that was just updated to 14.2.10 or they have enabled the pre-release updates in the stable version. fear not as i have read from a moderator in another post, that it will be released soon.
  12. i'm still at 23398, some times a definition update version might be skipped and release 23400 or revoked if they deem it must be revoked.
  13. the easiest way is to remove the SD card if possible, insert it to the pc via a card reader slot or usb sd card reader and then scan it. you can also consider installing Mobile Security for your device to have it scanned periodically. https://www.eset.com/us/home/mobile-security-android/?intcmp=intrw
  14. most malware that aim to damage your system won't just slow it down, they will change whatever they can to make their presence known. for example, some could modify all your text, image, music, etc. files. change your wallpaper, system language and various other stuff. a sluggish pc could also mean a dying hard drive, you can use a program to check it's health to rule out that possibility.
  15. i'm curious, why does the error dialog say "C:\users\....\OneDrive\Desktop\...."? are you trying to run the tool from OneDrive? the uninstaller must be saved offline/locally on the hard drive to be able to run successfully.
  16. since 21H1 is based on the v2004 that was released last year, Eset products are compatible. i've also updated to this version and haven't faced any issues, after all it's a relatively minor update. the major update will be released later this Fall. if you like, you can wait until the June updates are released and then install it.
  17. i always had that option enabled for the in-depth and wondered why the [in-depth] scan was finishing so fast. now that i disabled it, the in-depth takes quite a long time to finish, and everything is good
  18. Marcos says to temporarily remove Eset and check if that warning goes away or is still present.
  19. it has been reported quite a few times in the feedback topic and the dev team is aware of the request. even if they don't plan to add in the near future i'm sure it will happen one day. creating a dark mode takes a really long time, effort and testing so all the elements appear consistent and avoid visual glitches. keep in mind that Eset has quite a few products in active development and making dark mode for all of them will take a while to complete (when and if they start it) be patient and have faith
  20. using a program to download the website locally and assuming the detection is correct, your site might be infected with a trojan or somehow it's embedded in the "index.html" index.html - HTML/Refresh.BC trojan you might wanna scan your site or the server where it's stored to check for infections,
  21. otherwise click the Default button located at the bottom, it will revert all changes to default values and remove any custom tasks added by you.
  22. my guess is that the in-product update (if i'm saying it correctly) updates only the files in the Program Files folder, it doesn't recompile the msi file that is stored in C > Windows > Installer, that's why the repair option was missing after the auto update, and it came back after a clean install. if that's the case then it might be expected behaviour unless the dev team finds a way to recompile the msi file after a successful in-product update.
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