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beta 10 internet security running much better then v9 did

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at least for me v10 is running MUCH better overall them v9. honestly i think it feels much more like v7 or v8 did where v9 to me really seemed heavy on most systems. overall running great once you get past the initial scan which really drags the system a bit. im hoping smart security will be the same way since my lic's are for smart security but honestly i think the new internet security is plenty. im hoping we can run IS with our SS lic's like we can with the basic av.


so far so good. this may make me switch back on all my systems.

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it is just me or Web access protection is disabled? I tried with EICAR drive by download.

Perseus module: 1483 (20160418)

protoscan module: 1250 (20160418)

Parental module: 1051 (20160412)

Epfw module: 1319B (20160427)

HIPS module: 1224B (20160419)

LiveGrid config: 1022 (20160401)

OPP module: 1064 (20160422)

network protection module: 1144P (20160429)

Home Network protection module: 1007 (20160429)

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Exactly. The connection was not interrupted, no mention at detected threats log too.

UPDATE: just reinstalled and reset to default settings did the trick.

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