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  1. Translation is ambiguous when you disable LiveGrid: "Esto puede ser muy peligroso, por lo que debe volver a habilitar la protección de inmediato" If we think of it as an implication, we should use "así que" or "por lo tanto". Thanks.
  2. Just upgraded to v10 Internet Security and found out Default Settings are different to those of v9. Advanced heuristics on FileExecution is disabled, can someone confirm?
  3. I would believe Filecoder behavior blocking, it's a sort of dynamic process profiler/tracer, in contrast to AMS which uses process scanning.
  4. Hola Silvia! Have you tried resetting all to default by using the button beside to [ OK | cancel ] buttons in Advanced setup? You should restart your PC to take effect.
  5. Advanced Memory Scanner does a dynamic DNA scan without the need of emulation. AMS is propietary technology and extends proactive longevity, reaching high (>90%) detection rates.
  6. Seems the rules are applied in the way described in the below image:
  7. lol, sure. Then make CPU anti-dust fan protection.
  8. What I understood is that folders are just some type of Null-zero-byte files. So, only the First level would be affected. Speaking about registry access, keys and values are treated by different functions https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms724875(v=vs.85).aspx Edit: another one undocumented: leaving the list for source apps in blank, and then switch between ["Specific applications" | "All applications"] makes a difference for triggering, related to overriding.
  9. To avoid ambiguities, I set the double backslash because I dont want recursivity (I want only the First nested level to trigger). But that '\\' dont work for the root dir in the volume. On the other hand, I triggered a rule when c:\windows\explorer.exe was trying to delete the file in the c:\windows directory; just using the c:\windows\\ notation. So is working as expected, exception is the root volume.
  10. @itman, just curious where you found that syntax of double backslash, (\\), maybe DOS or some WinApi. Also, it dont work for root volume directory, for example C:\\ dont work !
  11. Is that what I tried to say: The wildcard is invalid for a filesystem path. The listbox must show a *.* pattern, else will default to the whole filesystem For registry paths is OK.
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