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  1. make for eset mobile 2017 ideas add strong app locker for all apps and setings (prevent been bypass by hakers make a new network monitor ,on eset mobile unable to see app or full network monitor to see if there is some one connected to your phone hakers or any virus or see port and info ect make to protect phone (sim chip ) and phone number) prevent hakers to read any message with hack tools hear or spy call using software or ect to spy make to protect network cellullar network there are company or agency that use fake tower to spy call or ect prevent fake tower forc
  2. need to fix eset 10 beta update problem fix ip detection sometime dont whant like to detect ip fix dns detection some times not detect dns ect just helping
  3. here the picture buit i dont know why when the windows 10 start apears that cold you veryfie
  4. Eset Corp cold you update Web cam protection I been notice there is something rare happening some times I suspect Microsoft spy user from the Web cam A program from sister 32 try someone times to access to the Web cam and I don't event have anything open I have windows 10 enterprise I scan all but there is not virus Cold you make a Web cam history like What program ,name ,were the location,if that program use a port,if is a original program from Microsoft or a back door or work hiding I think you should add just incase Web cam anti exploit and reinforce it just incase the is a v
  5. I test the eset 10 and for unknown reason I don't see the scrip protection any aware bro Fix that I think eset scrip protection is incomplete why because when you open a page and the secundary infect scrip page open and infect your pc eset scrip protection fail Here you can make something new here Make a new smart ai scrip scan.. why this this will scan all page code scrip searching for a infected scrip and the block or remove the scrip infected prevent it to open any secundary page infected or anything else Most of the malware hide on the scrips infecting the user with infected
  6. Eset Corp Enhanced eset firewall Enhanced eset network defense id's Enhanced eset advanced anti spam Enhanced anti publishing protection Make a new protection to protect again infected scrips Web page infected with malware Please detail better the firewall troubleshooting I like this feature Details the attacks and name and ports Enhanced firewall troubleshooting fir better security Fix eset fail some time to detect some malware hidden on the temp or hidden on the pc or browser or registry and network Fix eset performance for better performance stavility Make a new prot
  7. Please eset explain what this I mean everything was enabled but in that moment apears a yellow icon in front of the eset icon on the slide bar close to the pc clock
  8. let me expalin why eset 9 detect icmp exploit but dont say what program is sending the icmp in orden to verife if the program is infected or is sending somthing secrely like malware or ect like for exmaple the program is using tuneling to send icmp/ or any attack https icmp this is a example port sending the icmp so you know were is the problem or what is acousing this fix that and make sure you add a flash player and shockwave player to anti exploit to why because the to programs always have new exploits so this can secure the pc and people
  9. eset corp i found a simple bug in eset 9 you can sumit a simple or bigs sample file because the anti virus say error the file is to bigs please fix that and dont put caps files why you never know if there is a virus that have 100mb or more bigs please make sure that you can submit any file because sometime when the virus is on quarentine you cant unable to sumit that file or any fix that thank you just helping
  10. Fix the eset upgrade version when is install when the antivirus upgrade to a new version corrups and stop working fix that and some other features dont work or notified you. Increase the scan speed and precision Reduce eset service using excessive cpu or memory making the pc more slow and reducing pc performance Make a fast firewall that dont make conection to drop some firewalls makenthe internet drop normal or when is attack the network connection drop fix that Reduce ping impact and increase protection Add memory vulnerability protection Add new engine to scan deep dll or sistem
  11. Eset corp Make a new repair sistem that repair all the corrupted antivirus ,registry and ect And make a full clean repair You eset.repair is useless dont help Need. New repair sistem that make and fix everything to 100% working state with nope errors corrup sistem file or registy ect Just helping you make a better software
  12. Eset provides a icons that details for what reason that features is there and why Some feature dont have any info of what is it so start details any function so people know what is lol
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