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  1. Fix the sll protocol filtering is preventing to acess some web page like goole or any other fix that Add smart ssl protocol filtering = this will analise any web page encription page format,dns,domain , in other if there any error this mode will automatic report , some web page use new encription cold create conflic other use old enceription and new webpage format. Add smart anti exploit shild in the sll protocol filtering to prevent any exploit ,in any port and web pages
  2. Eset corp To eset smart 9 add ssl protol filtering anti exploit shild network protection =to prevent exploits or brute force in the ssl protocol Fix the ssl protocol some t time a normal page dont work say network not detect it. And i need to start refleshing the page for example google , and everithing is fine is the protocol filtering some time do the same when i do a speed test Maybe the protocol dont the detcect the conect correr or have some issue conecting to some pages fix that please Not all page are the same, some use advance encription other user nolmal encription ,other use other page format maybe that create a conflic, some page have a lot of errors this maybe cold afect Update the protocol filtering and add this engine smart ssl protocol filtering deep analise= this will analise any format page or encription if there is something not compatible or have any error or domains dns will automatic report you.
  3. Add a full compavility for eset 9 for other anti virus and engines dont conflict and reduce the pc performance if they are 2 antivirus or other security programs installed Add enchanted firewall Add enchanted anti publishing =why most antivirus fail to detect I fraud page,fake page,scammer ect I recommend add advanced scan anti publishing that scan the full page code and domain in orden to check if is real or fake or modified to prevent fraud and steal money and credit cards ect Add enchanted anti botnet protection Add enchanted hips self defense protection Add enchanted network protection Add enchanted protocol filtering Add to block any port or unblock for gaming or any program and for some other security reasons / to prevent attacks from any specific port ect Add strong ping protection and network performance Fix the eset icons crash in in blank .increase the speed scanning Add better detail from any virus .what he do in order you to know Fix the network deny the network klbs still running supposed to be zero klbs running from that deny programs running on the pc ect fix that That all for now just helping
  4. I found in eset 9 some bugs. The icon look in blank the firt time installing crash The scan engine very slow Try to reduce memory from 100mbs to 50 or 40mbs this can help Nope firewall errors for the moment Idont see the anti exploit mitigation and the anti exploit log Try to reduce ping network impact this can help page load more faster Fix the start up have higth impact Add new smart diagnostic like Network Performance Memory Anti virus engine Report automatically crash Report https website certificate error bugs or vulnerability and sll problems And protocols filtering Report firewall crash or bugs This help mode send it automatically to the developer You try to add anti backdoor technology ,prevents any software ect open a backdoor or webpages Ect
  5. It see you hated me the way you talk are you ok... they are simple ideas in order to make a better product mr rugk
  6. Fix eset driver crash and instaling and unistaling problems Make a new anti stealth protection that protect your files to been steal and prevent criptolokers virus to encrypt your files and take over the sistem or share Make a new eset filter network protection Add low impact starting up
  7. Eset corp for the master peace eset 9 Details here. Add a new 4 firewall artificial intelligence technology protection That be more accurate ,focus ,turbo speed blocking,deep scan attack,and ports,anti bypass firewall and anti brute force,ping protection and fast response, reduce false and positive firewall attacks or detection ,fix firewall crash and bugs Add new engines for better detection 1. Ai codes engine =this will analise all codes running or hidding this can increase to detect any virus or any modifications 2. Ai header engine =scan full software or anything from the inside 3. Ai advance heuristic =this will help To detect more complex infections 4. Ai forensics engine = this will detect more difficult and strong virus mechanism And run a full diagnostic if is safe or not what the detect 5. Ai.cloud engine detection = this is for maximum deep detection analise everything 6 AI dll engine = this is very important most of the virus hide uaing dll and anti virus fail to detect it or a haker manipulate a dll to enter to your pc and the anti virus fails and cant block it 7. Ai smart strong engine for sistem defense. = this block any manipulation of the software ,registry,network and settings,polity ports, dll,keyboard,webcam,browser,flash,java,script,text,audio ect virus or any malware can bypass this. 8. New Ai smart anti exploit mitigation = what this you say, this protect you from any exploit, from new ,old,and unknown This protect any software holes ,like bios,cpu,hardware,mac addresses network exploit ,bugs ,drivers,crash,incompavility,errors,java,flash, webcam, keyboard and network ip and protect you in real time and you can add any software that no is included in the anti exploit mitigation to be protected and monitored if is attack this increase the security 8 ai new smart engine anti publishing = this can help in real time detect if the page is fraud ,fake,scammer,modifie,, this can detect the full page code And tell you what part of the page is not secure ,for example baking online ,logging online,sensitive information,https if is secure or encrypted ,check the domain is safe or fake and prevent malware spread Ect 9.ai advanced anti spam engine ,= detect deep spam scams scammers bots hide attachment infected ,full page deep analysis.inpection ,detection,prevention blocking,and emails and links . Ect 10.Ai smart network intrusion and Ids and protection = Detect all type of network attacks ,bots ,botnet,script network attacks brute force anti exploit attack,network holes ports,https vulnerability ,new unknown attack,dos attack ,mac adrees flooding ,memory flooding,hardware and harddrive flood or attack ,ip flood,ip fragmentation Mac high jack remote ,dns protection dns encryption,wireless protection detect all wireless attacks Windows host protection Cooking protection etc 11.new design software -low memory impact -low cpu impact -low hardware and harddrive impact 12. Add turbo fast scan ,deep scan New rootkit scan 13.add new network monitor See all conection running and what internet usage you have been used on total 14new firewall rule and port bloking Add to block or edit any port incase you want to block a port or restrict access to something like a program, port or remote Add denied access to Windows programs running on network or stop it ,check if is safe name and details Add instant notification for all For example you computer have been compromised and is blocked And for unknown ports so you know is something wrong ,for example unknown port have been detected program name is ect Add ai ssl new secure sll protocol that cant be intercepted or exploit or be vulnerable Add a new fast intelligence run package but that dont slow down the pc performance Add out date it software scan, so this checks for new updates and pach it like browsers java flash ,framework or programs Fix firewall always slowdown internet speed test and loading Fix in the.firewall take to much junks on the internet crash or stop working or get super slow Just helping make the ultimate software master peace
  8. eset corp there are a problems that I found in eset smart 8 final version need to make a new version and fix all the software problems list 1.protocol filtering tread scan have problems make the internet drop and can communicate good with the port that make a veru higth vulneravility some program or page may not work correctly for this problem 2. firewall problem = if the firewall take to much junk from the internet crash and the anti virus unresponsive 3. network driver crash with this anti virus = mean a haker can easy crash the eset network driver and bypass the security and other mechanics just making a atack 4.make a better stable software reduce all errors make a complete new software version and fix all problems 5add this new firewall software +hardware firewall to make a solid firewall protection 4 layer protection 6 reduce ping network inpact loading or speed the tread scan network can scan speed over 180Mbs make the conection drop is too fast the antivirus can read that speed and make it drop 7.add a new engine to detect hiden network from any dll or any program hide on the network or is remotely hiden 8.reduce memory inpact ,,,, advance heuristic inpact ,,,and pakage inpact scan this affect pc performance 9.add for the firewall connection... ask, automatic , manual or block this can have more control of what programs you whant you to acess to the internet this apply to all like dll, programs ports, system registry , remote ect 10.update and enchange all the angine to prevent hakers send a attack and crash the windows or the anti virus 11. make a test for all the attack that can crash the windows when a hakers send attack some anti virus can protect windows from crashing 12.add a new network kill = if you suspect something rare the you kill the conection and denie acess or add a permanent denie acess conection 13.update web lack and anti publishing protection 13.anti firewall bypass protection and deep scan 14.add network sensitive attack protection and dos attack protect 15 add network realtime raouter protection 15 fix all port comucations problems 16.deep scan registry manipulation for all I report all this beacause is true trust me I am master software ALL YOU NEED FIX ALL ERRORS AND provide better performance and better security thank you don't ignore this this is important for all the security users
  9. eset corp for eset 8 new more ideas 1 new anti bypass engine that protect that any virus or rootkit damage or disable or bypass the security to steal data or eraser the windows or gain any control of any windows section 2. new engine vulneravility modem and raouter protection = this mode will protect your modem or raouter from any exploit or bugs or any vulneravility that she have 3.add for the network tools to deny any program that is conected to provide better security 3.fix network tool send and recive kbs is the program is bean deny that show that is not sending any internet kbs 3 make sue that network tools display any hiden connection =some program evade to be discover in network 4.add to make a strong vpn with the anti virus to have strong security not all vpn are secure 4add to show 128bit 256bit 512bit or more highter for the vpn if you put vpn rigth 5.better deep impection of running process in tools section that can analise if the program are 100% secure or is fake 6.remaster the protection statistic make it more modern 7 add a new running process that you can see all running process and that you can deny or aprove to be running = for example if you dont whant a process running you disable 8.new AI spy detection =this mode will automatic detect if any browser or anithing else that is trying to spy or trying to invade privacy 8.this include cookies webrosers ,pages ,javascrips , flash ,webcam, programs ,images ,plug ins,pop ups, location,all media and audio,framework , network and sharing center and home group ,files and store that all thank you
  10. eset corp you add this new tech for eset 8 1.Deep fast network trafic and pakage impection detection 2.Deep firewall fast firewall impection= some firewall are slow and may slow the pc or network and affects ping and latency 3. new Deep AI Rootkit detection = nope rootkit will be escape or hide 4.new Reinforces the mechanism to prevent hakers atacks and damage the drivers of the anti virus or made it not work well atacking the mechanis and made it 100 vulnerable and gain access to the pc (some hakers use program like virus to erase the anti virus parts to gain access to network drivers 5.deep web impection sorce codes subdomain domain and full code = this will reduce the risk of bean infected or trick by spam or is the web page full safe 6 add a new Ai monitor windows screen protection = why this methos because my mom was hack with eset smart 7 and the haker was using the windows screen monitor i dont know how and delete everithing reinforce all section and the section of devices and printers 7 Ai anti stealth protection and deep impection = this new mode will prevent all ways your data bean stolen or encrypted by any virus and stolen 8.add a new windows 9 compavility when is ready 9 try to organise the feature 10 try to add more feature in eset tools log like ............................................................................. 10 anti stealth tech ,rootkit ,botnet ,ids, ENHANCED Exploit Blocker , Vulnerability Shield ,Anti-Phishing or any other that are not listed so you can verifie what is really detecting or what exploit are blocking ect 11 try to fix always when you install eset for the first time corrups with nope reason fix that lol that all for the moment lol thank you try you best eset (just helping)
  11. hi eset corp i am here to give you a new ideas to state better secure for eset 8 1. add in the section of the firewall firewall sharing or access to aceess any game to host with hamachi or other program to play with steam with a friend hosting this firewall block that and there is no way to fix it 2.add a rapid respond display notification = for example if a haker is tracing you or is scanning any port on your pc eset detect and say for example unknow port scanning secction web port 12 for example or if is a haker some is trying to break the section of remote port 75 for example or is is any echo atacks or atacks or dos atack 3.add a inteligent AI web detection =for all sections 4 add a inteligent AI firewall defend = anti bypass and defend 5 windows firewall cant be change eset lock it the windows 8.1 firewall there is not way to change any setting fix that 6 eset 8 disable windows smart screen on windows 8.1 fix that 7add a new feature to make a strong security vpn with eset only = is mean you will make a vpn with eset to be better protected 8.add SSL AI web protection =SSL is vulnerable 9.add Hips AI protection and fast detection 10.scan Ai detetion extreme focus and all methos and unknow methos to detect any hidden virus that trick the anti virus to be hidden or not be discovered 11. add a new feature in the network conection= this methos will be more secure 11.add the disconect ports =for example if a unkow program is running and is connect this new feature will disconect it or you can add to prevent to conect to the port like disable conection to that program or port is connected = this methos can hel to prevent alots of things like any virus or unknow program so you cant deny access to that port or program complete it 11.add to the network conection to show everithing like port , name of the program ,date host, pid ,name of the atack and atack ,how many tries to atack or access all ip ect 12 Network AI Inteligent detection ,impection prevention, defend for rapid detection block and display 13 pop up block =this new feature will block any pop up not all the web page cant block all pop up 14 just try a new desing 15 add mac clone detection or ip clone or name pc detection =this methos will tell you if a hakers is using your mac clone to gain acess using the same clone or ip or name ect that all for the moment you can do better lol thank you
  12. eset corp for eset 8 you add new anti hacker evation new anti spy evation new anti malwere or adware spyware or rootkit evation new anti program hidding evation (new anti trick copy program name evation = some virus use the same name of the original program to hide and be undetected ) anti exploit evation detection anti pid program evation better details in network= port ,atack ,name ,name of the atack ,date , trafic ect anti firewall evation atack or bypass or brute force anti evation web cirber atack and spam technology detection anit evation subdomain and domain web detection infection or atack anti evation hips technologie anti evation botnet detection anti evation scanning tecnologie =some virus use trick tecnique to evate bean scaned and detected anti evation intrution prevention add prevent hakers crash eset drivers to gain access and make eset not work add any display atack or detection anti keyloger evation and mouse add prevent hakers clone your pc mac adress or ip add vulneravility scan and what section on the windows are and be protected and show detail https anti evation vulneravility or brute force or hijack that all the ideas eset you can do better you know it lol thank you
  13. eset corp add this to improve better security add anti spy monitor with any programs add a new block remote access = mean any hakers use programs to hack remote and enter to pc remote and steal data or spy and the anti virus will never detect it like for example backtrack 5 or any other tools how connect remote to a pc with out access of the user using the ip / mac adreases or anyting i recoment you to shild up all remote eset like thos use internet many hakers use trick and gain access remote windows explorer.exe windows svchost windows registry webcam skydrive or any app thjat use remote windows update back ground all windows services ect need to add full detection of any modification some antivuirs dont detect thos hakers detections add a better detection more focus we know google and microsoft always spy add ultimate detection cookie spy detections =some please say not to this but i think will be better for security maybe in the future there will be no more privacy how knows but is better to state secure adding allitle more security
  14. eset corp you can try to put vulneravily scan this feature can help to discover any back door windows have. or anyting else that is not update including regirstry update bugs dll remote vulnerabilities ports or any error this mode will fix it to be more secure this can really help for alot of reasons thank you
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