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  1. Oh okay! This helps a lot. Do you recommend any settings to change to make our computers more secure?
  2. I went ahead and updated to version 10 with ESS to see how it went and it went well and I may use Internet Security but since we have laptops, I thought the Anti-Theft would come in handy. I was worried about ESS being discontinued or phased out, will they be planning to do that? If they do I would move to EIS. Also like a previous user mentioned about the blue highlights in the settings, I'm also having that too. Just as a precaution I tested with the file from eicar.com and it blocked it like it was supposed to but I don't know what these blue notifications mean, I've reset all settings to default and set them to how I wanted them again. Is there any settings I should change to make our computers more secure? Thanks!
  3. Thanks puff-m-d! I noticed this in the KB article: I'm not that computer illiterate but does this mean the actual network drivers the computer manufacturer puts on your computer or is it talking about the drivers that ESET installs?
  4. Will I have to uninstall ESS 9 to install Internet Security since it is a different version or just install over top of it, and would I have to enter my license key again? I wouldn't want to inadvertently take up the third spot on my license. I'm sorry for all of the questions, ESET is still new to me and I haven't quite figured it all out.
  5. The quote is from this article: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3753/ So if I can replace Smart Security with Internet Security for free?
  6. I have a few questions about version 10. Will I have to uninstall ESS 9 to install version 10 or will updating through the program work? I checked for the update today but it still says that its up-to-date. I noticed this in the knowledge base about changes in version 10: "* ESET Smart Security 10 is only available by renewal for existing ESET Smart Security users." What does this exactly mean? I have a valid license until 2018, does that mean I can't get version 10? Will ESET Smart Security get version 10 or can I upgrade to Internet Security for free? Will the features in Internet Security be available in ESET Smart Security? And finally, how do I upgrade?
  7. So if I reinstall my operating system and reinstall ESET using my activation code, it will detect it as the same computer? What if I have to replace the HDD and what if I want to transfer ESET from an old computer (one it was installed on before) to a new one?
  8. Could someone please answer my questions?
  9. I have two questions, but couldn't find solutions on the KB. I remember my previous antivirus having a "license center" where you could login with your account and see your currently active licenses and see how many installs are left. I can't seem to figure out how to do that with ESET, I signed up for an ESET account when I bought it and would like to know if you have that option. If I ever have to reinstall my operating systems one day, either by Dell's software or another option, how can I be sure ESET will detect that its still the same computer and not inadvertently use my third remaining spot on my license? Please move this thread if it's in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to post it.
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