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BSOD Windows 10 build 14328 ESET 6.3.2016.0

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Hello after installing  ESET 6.3.2016.0 on Windows 10 build 14328 and rebooting i got a BSOD and windows would not boot.

After booting into safe mode and removing ESET the problems are gone again.

Reinstalling ESET gives me the problem again.

I have a minidump file if it helps.


Any idea how to fix it?


Kind regards,


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Build 14328 is probably on fast ring so it's not officially supported by ESET yet.

Please configure Windows to generate complete memory dumps, then reproduce the crash and eventually supply me with the dump compressed in a zip or rar archive. You can upload it to a file sharing service and provide me with a download link.

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Hi.  I have the same issue on Windows 10 version 1607, build 14393.0.  I am on the slow ring.


I had the same problem about 3 Windows 10 builds ago, and uninstalled Eset Endpoint Antivirus for a while, until it was more likely to work.


I've installed EEA v5.0.6225 today, and on first reboot had the same issue - bsod, System Thread Exception Not Handled, in edevmon.sys


@Marcos I will PM you the link to my zipped memory dump shortly.  (With 24GB RAM in my machine, it's looking like about an 450MB zip file sorry)

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