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ESET Smart Security 6 - Anti-Theft message

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Hello, I have got a problem with anti-theft on Eset Smart Security 6.0.316.0. So I activated to test it on my laptop and it works but when I marked ''I recovered my device '' and restart the computer I got the message that my computer is stolen and I must return it. After that I disable anti-theft function in my Eset but the problem is still excist. After that I uninstall ESET but the message is still appears at start up so I reinstall my Windows 7 and run Eset without anti-theft function. THE MAIN PROBLEM: I've got second computer with Windows XP SP3. When I turn it on it have got the same message like laptop (the device is stolen). In my.eset settings I didn't mark it as missed so why it tells me that it is stolen?! So I disable anti-theft in it and deleted it from my.eset profile. The message is still displayed at start up. What can I do to disable it permanently? I don't want to reinstall this computer.


Thanks for your time !


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can you please pm me your device name and/or email?


i'll investigate where can be the problem.



Thanks for your help. I PM you !

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