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  1. If your adding license, you should know email that is license registered to ensure, it's your license... If you have it from reseller, probably is registered to him, so pls contact your local reseller/support.
  2. PM me your email address registered within myEset account and affected device name
  3. I guess you type my.eset.com/license, has been redirected to login page, and you store it in your favourites with params in that adress. Edit your fav link to point to https://my.eset.com/license and all should work normally. regards peter
  4. Hi, go to login.eset.com, clear cookies, click on "Don't have an account? Create one!", and all should work normally. regards peter
  5. also pm us (me or marcos) your email registered within MEC, so we can check it out... thx peter
  6. it's not login related issue, pm me your email registered within MEC... thx peter
  7. Hi, team has found probably cause of problem, should be resolved soon... I'll keep you updated regards peter
  8. Hi folks, we're having some issues within login, and are working on solution. I'll keep you updated sorry for any trouble... peter
  9. problem was on one of our association server and seems that it has nothing to do with your password... regards peter
  10. If you enter into phantom account, your device state is changed to suspicious. To revert it back to normal, go to my.eset.com, log in, go to Anti-theft, hit your device and mark it as Normal. regards peter
  11. pm me your email registered within my.eset.com, i’ll check it out... regards peter
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