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  1. problem was on one of our association server and seems that it has nothing to do with your password... regards peter
  2. If you enter into phantom account, your device state is changed to suspicious. To revert it back to normal, go to my.eset.com, log in, go to Anti-theft, hit your device and mark it as Normal. regards peter
  3. pm me your email registered within my.eset.com, i’ll check it out... regards peter
  4. Hi, that duplicity name error was my fault, correctly it means generic error. However, this issue may be resolved now. regards peter
  5. Hi, this should be resolved now. regards peter
  6. Hi, that error code means, that license was cancelled. contact your vendor for further info. regards peter
  7. Hi, have you follow steps described here? https://help.eset.com/antitheft/en-US/howto_add_dev.html if yes, and your problem still persist, pm me a message. regards peter
  8. I've send you a message
  9. PM me your email associated within my.eset.com and date cca when that error occurs... regards peter
  10. Hi, PM me your email address registered within my.eset.com and date/time when that association failed. thx peter
  11. hxxp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran%E2%80%93European_Union_relations
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