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  1. Hi, portal online/offline state is based on receiving data from device withing some time range. So if it doesn't receive any location, picture etc in that range, it's evaluated as offline state. regards, peter
  2. send a pm with your email address and device name
  3. here is my email address

    The system that doesn't work is 

    Razer Blade Stealth

  4. here is my email address

  5. Hi, pm me your email regeistered within regards peter
  6. Test have to be autocompleted within 30 minutes, if not, send me a pm, i'll check it out... regads peter
  7. A popup window with test confirmation should appear, have you accepted the test? regards peter
  8. Hi, is device locked by antitheft functionality? regards, peter
  9. Let the notebook run for at least 1-2 hours (with internet connection of course)... If it doesn't revert in that time, send me a pm with your email registered at and the name of the affected device. regards, peter
  10. Hi, try to follow Katarina's instructions here: regards, peter
  11. Hi, as I mentioned before, try to revert it on different device. regards peter
  12. Try to revert device to stolen and back to normal from another device (another comp, tablet, phone etc), not from affected device itself. hope it helps, peter
  13. PM me your email address registered within regards peter
  14. Hi, you need to associate your device to your newly created account. Follow these instructions in step 4 provide your account name & pass on the right side and click Sign in. Hope it helps, regards peter