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  1. this is a product issue (popup not showing), so @Marcos i guess you know who to contact in this case... regards peter
  2. Hi, if the test will not finish, pm me your email address registered within and affected device names... regards peter
  3. Hi, contact your local reseller to get help... regards
  4. Anti-Theft Samsung SM-G935F

    Hi, AFAIK, you need to allow test on device, by confirming popup message... regards peter
  5. Hi, pm me your username, i'll check it out... regards peter
  6. hi, pm me your email registered within an affected device name...
  7. this problem occasionally occurs, when you didn't accept test request in popup window on device that should test run on... pm me yours emails registered within and affected device name...
  8. Dear team, 

    The anti-theft test has been running for 14 hours and it hasn't been done yet.  

    My device name: Fujitsu Lifebook A series, model: AH530, windows 7 ultimate. 

    My email address: 


    Thank you very much for your consideration. 


    Best regards,

    Malek Azar

  9. pm me your email address registered within and device name. regards peter
  10. Hi, pm me your email address registered within regards peter
  11. Hi, if your problem wasn't solved yet, send me a pm... regards peter
  12. pm me your email address registered within and device name... regards peter
  13. outage [done]

    Hi, new certificate is up and all sites are back in full action regards peto
  14. Hi, we're going to renew security certificates for all related sites (account, antitheft, sms and parental). During renewal you may experience some issues, since that is more steps operation. Renewal will start in few minutes regards peter
  15. Hi, portal online/offline state is based on receiving data from device withing some time range. So if it doesn't receive any location, picture etc in that range, it's evaluated as offline state. regards, peter