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  1. Hi, I wanted to sign into "my.eset.com" but I didn't know which password to use.So I asked for a new pw,twice,but no reaction from Eset.Now, do I have to create from scratch a new account? My email was definitely recognised when entered in the "my.eset.com" email field... Thank you.
  2. Hi, Itman apologies for the late reply. "This URL method is preferable to the Google cert. exclusion since it appears that cert. is used for multiple Google web sites" Thank you for looking into my problem and I have a question: how is it that you don't seem to trust the certificate exclusion method. Google seems to have done a good job with SSL certificates being now mandatory. They've hardened everything after all.
  3. Hi Marcos and Itman ! ok, so I've been reading this: https://support.eset.com/en/kb3126-disable-ssl-filtering-in-eset-windows-products and it is actually working ! But what I don't understand is why the Google certificate hasn't been added to the "The list of known certificates" as a default setting.I realise it's technically a website among many others but then it's quite popular so...Anyways, I added manually the certificate to the list and I choose "Allow/Ignore". Is it all right ? Thanks PS: I was uling to Google drive from the browser, Itman.
  4. Hi, is there a way of mitigating the protocol filtering function,please? It divides my upload speed by two and consumes 12% of my 3770K which is plain catastrophic. If this filtering function is disabled, everything goes back to normal. Help !
  5. Ahhh,thank you so much Peter! ESET AV has been working like a clockwork for me for close to ten years so this (small) bug was a little upsetting. Just another little thing: the splash screen indicates that there's an update available,but when I click on "Update now",no new version to install shows up.
  6. Again the same problem...Please,fix this.Log attached. Thank you. eset.etl
  7. 7/32,fully patched Hello, today,it's the second time I encounter this error since I updated to I tried to fix it by using the methods indicated here: https://support.eset.com/kb2850/?locale=en_EN&segment=home with no success.I have to say that my PC has been switched on for 10 days now,like the first time it happened. I only fixed it by rebooting. I created a log using Marcos indications: https://forum.eset.com/topic/11726-general-compiler-error/ Would you mind looking into it,please? Thank you. eset.etl
  8. All's well,Marcos.Everything is back to normal.Thank you!
  9. Thanks,Marcos,85 MB later everything seems to be working.I've now updated to 16097.We'll see what happens during the day.
  10. "switching to pre-release updates in the advanced update setup" Marcos,I can't find this option,I must say...
  11. Hello, 7/32,,fully patched. same here: I attached the update log (In a .rar because the .etl extension is not accepted) Thank you. updater_20170914_230145.rar
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