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  1. Thanks a lot @Peter Randziak
  2. Any update about this? Anyone can help me about this situation? I tried create on local and success, however when create policy and push all client, it can not perform what I want. @Peter Randziak @Marcos
  3. Thanks @Peter Randziak. We added license already.
  4. Hi, On ESMC premise, we can collect log to syslog server. However, on ECA we don't see feature on it. May I ask that Eset has the plan or est time about this feature in future? Thanks
  5. Hi @Peter Randziak Thank you for your information, please remove license out of EBA account "li**.****nh@gmail.com". Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi @Peter Randziak I just recheck again, but license still not add in EBA account. I tried add license again but it appear error "we were unable to send verification email, License is associated with a different company". Please help me this case,
  7. we unable to add license in EBA Account & error "we were unable to send verification email, License is associated with a different company" although we assigned email li*******@nqh-***hitects.vn Public ID: 3AD-KBH-MH4
  8. Hi We are using ESET Endpoint Antivirus. We have problem with manage policy USB Control. Here is require info sheet. How create and manage policy to meet the require.
  9. Nobody can help me, Eset team seem to despise users, too disappointed
  10. Hi Team, Does Eset File Security for Linux support on CentOS 6 on OpenVZ ? I doesn't make sure about this, please help me clarify this query. Thanks.
  11. Hi Eset, I have an error when I active license ESET on Mac with Cyber Security Pro. Please check and help me. Thanks
  12. Hi Eset, I have a problem with scan virus on Endpoint. During scanning, ESET detected trojan, however ESET doesn't have any action such as: delete or quarantine. How you can explain me about this.
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