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  1. We using ESET FILE SECURITY 7.3 on Windows Server 2012R2. Currently, our system overload 100% CPU performance, but ESET can not detect any problem. However, after we turnoff process and restart server, the error happened again. We tried use processexplore, and detect after access to sites: 'pool.supportxmr.com:443' - system will happen this error, and parent process will run 100% cpu. (picture 3) C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -o pool.supportxmr.com:443 -u 44bwTAxAcX7Q99bCLnawEQW55LrCqEUfT1D8pnzz9f1LXSSwp3AXD1K829xt7xKoFdUfdxneZGCmi6BfyHVbQy73UN7GQMJ -k --tls -p 054 (picture 1) . We send you data file and svchost dump. Please help us, thanks. malware.zip
  2. Hi All, I have question about license ESET for business. If I buy license in my country, Can I activate it in UAE?
  3. Hi Eset, Current I am using Eset Smart Security Premium,Version: Description: My password manager notify with "sync disable", and I activate the new license key, however, the status error continuing. I read in forum and the solution that remove password store from website: https://passwordmanager.eset.com/. But when I input your license, the email with info: A.......@eset.com, and I don't know email. Please support me about this email. I attach license key and info email. Hope your reply soon. Thanks
  4. Hi, Currently, I am using Eset Endpoint version 7.3 and ESMC version 7.2. I have a problem when I create policy manage devices. The devices is not "Serial number", so anyway to allow my device? I see some vendors have solution block by "ProductID", maybe Eset can do this or whether update it in the future? Below my Info USB devices. Thanks,
  5. Hi. Current, we have a problem when export log from ESMC to syslog server. In ESMC document, we know as Eset support export logs Audits. However, when we checked log from IBM qRadar, we don't see it. We wonder that audit log that Eset mentioned whether Audit log as same as picture I attached. Please help me clarify about this @Marcos @M.K.
  6. HI May I ask that Eset Mail Security for Microsoft window server support Exchange online cloud? Please help me clarify about this. Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot @Peter Randziak
  8. Any update about this? Anyone can help me about this situation? I tried create on local and success, however when create policy and push all client, it can not perform what I want. @Peter Randziak @Marcos
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