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  1. Hello and thanks. I actually did it at first but he weird thing is eset on my phone did not accept this and kept me locked.
  2. Hello I just changed my sim card right now, eset locked the device. I'm on a lasting trip to Iran which eset has sanctioned and my unlock code won't work cuz of "communication error". I can't access anything on the phone to turn on a VPN though. And for the offline code in my page, I face this error "Sorry for the inconvenience, there was an error processing your request. back to main page... "! WHAT??? my other device is properly accessible there and for this device I get this error! Checked on other devices the problem remains the same. What should I do???????? And I notice at the top right it seems to log out. I touch it and it returns to main page logged in. but I don't get this behavior from the other device of mine. Plz fix this I'm in a bloody bad situation!!!
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