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  1. Hy ESET FAM I have a problem, we have a ERA-SERVER(LINUX) but cant access WEB-INTERFACE anymore: "Cant open PID file" What does this mean? Can anyone help me? Kind Regards Patrick
  2. yeah we have 150licences in one pakege.....but how can i see which computers are using one ???? i only like to remove a licence from 1 or 2 computers not the hole one? earlier you had a own page for licence is that right ? and now ? thx for help bro Kind Regards Patrick
  3. Hello ESET Team! We have the ESET Web Manager......but how can i delete a licence which is not used anymore.....the client got broke but how can i get the licence back in the Management Center. Thx for any help. Kind Regards Patrick R.
  4. Hello Marcos! Thx for your answer! We have a linux server so is that possible? Thank you
  5. Hy Community! I have a problem, i cant update my Security Management Console ..... What can i do ?
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