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  1. Hi Again, This morning logging onto to my bank account via Esets secured browser, I encountered the same problems as before. I then tried logging onto myEset account but experienced the same problems as mentioned in the original post. So I disabled web access protection (which means anti-phishing protection is non-functional), rebooted and I can now log into my bank account and myEset account. How can I help with testing?
  2. Hi Marcos and Metaller, 1. I didn't try windows safe mode. 2. I didn't uninstall my browsers or change their setups. 3. After uninstalling Eset and rebooting, I could log into my.eset correctly. 4. I do not have login.eset.com saved in my brower or set as favourite. So no parameters. 5. Today, I uninstalled Eset and rebooted. Then installed Eset by downloading the latest version from Esets website. After rebooting and using the same browser as before (Firefox) I can now log into my.eset. I've had Eset installed for a while (years) and have always allowed Eset to perform updates. So my thought is that something has changed between this version ( and the previous version which only causes a problem when updating rather than doing a clean install. Just my thoughts...
  3. Hi Marcos. The option Secure all browsers is disabled. I'm only logged in once with this PC, once with the laptop and once from my wifes PC. More info: I was getting repeat logins when using the Eset Banking and Payment protection option to access my bank account. I have disabled the Banking protection option and I can now access my bank account with no problems. The problems only started with the new update I installed today.
  4. I can log in from my wifes PC which has version I have installed Hope that helps.
  5. At the bottom of the browser, I see two msgs: Waiting for login.eset.com... Waiting for my.eset.com... and occasionally: processing request...
  6. Hi, I'm trying to log onto myeset today after updating Eset (4th April) and after entering my login credentials keep seeing the URL change with different callback codes over and over again. I've tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge. I've ran a computer scan and results in zero detections. I have cache and cookies emptied automatically when closing the browser and always reboot the PC, ie, I don't use sleep. So at the moment I can't log in to myeset.
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