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  1. * New bug about popups. When ESET updates or I scan a file a popup comes out but its transparent when I drag a mouse on it still transparent but when popup is about to disappear draging a mouse on it then its not transparent. And you would ask me why Im not reporting to https://eset.centercode.combecause I have reported to them a bug but no one have answered 5 Days ago. In the picture somehow mouse cannot be seen somehow
  2. Any respond from developer team about bug fixing? Also ESET is using more than v8. V9 BETA is using on idle 150-170 MB ram
  3. I did a fresh install and after instal I restarted pc just in case, and then tried to go to banking web and as you see I get error launching secure browser and when pressed ignore risk nothing happens.... About anti-theft I connected device to my eset and later deleted from my eset and now always this shows up even there is no device...
  4. You will see everything here https://youtu.be/rqqyQQt6B5k Windows error log ( only ESET I attached) hxxp://www87.zippyshare.com/v/CZ57cEBG/file.html
  5. Thanks for answering my question I have ESET installed from the first day when I installed my windows 8.1 and yes you are right I do not scan my system with full scan. And about virus it's MSIL/Kryptik.BSL and Detection created Apr 17, 2015 hxxp://www.virusradar.com/en/MSIL_Kryptik.BSL/description So you recommend me to do full system scans?
  6. I don't think there is more malware anymore but thanks for your help. And as you know my question is how did the malware passed ESET also I didn't seen any strange activity on system.So probably I will be waiting for Marcos answer to end this case.
  7. I haven't said it's false positive I believe that this is a threat but my question is how did it get in my system I am the only one who using this PC and care welwell.
  8. In past month and this month I was just playing GTA V and CS:GO also surfing on facebook and nothing more and today I went to check for trash in %temp% and more ( I have ccleaner but just in case checked) and when scroling down Roaming folder and ESET poped out.... OS - Windows 8.1 Pro x64 All updates installed. ESET Smart Security 8.0.312.0 Also founded in C:\Users\Lukas\AppData\Local剜捯獫慴⁲慇敭屳呇⁁屖湥楴汴浥湥⹴湩潦 and scanned with ESET and nothing but I deleted this file.... And about games they are legit from Steam no cracked content. HitmanPro after ESET detected and delet
  9. Hello so I wanted to say that Test Anti-Theft showed wrong location of my loptop and I very disappointed. With ESS 7 the location was correct but with v8 is not accurate. Im using Windows 8.1 Pro x64 all updates ESET Smart Security 8.0.304.0
  10. I tested anti-theft in ESS v8 BETA and experienced this problem and reported in this forum topic "Eset Smart Security And Eset Nod32 Antivirus 8 Beta Available" and havent received any reply so now I tested final version of ESET Smart Security 8.0.301.0 and experienced same problem. Also I want to mention that with ESS v7 I havent experienced this problem. No other AV programs were installed at all only ESS v7 then ESS v8 BETA and now ESS v8 final all AV`s that have been instaled that can change something. Plus (if this helps) Windows 8.1 Pro x64 bit Using loptop with wifi all
  11. Maked some fixes... And the problem that you talked: "when "mouseovering" the products sometimes only the display title is "marked" and sometimes the whole background of the product picture." There is different logos that I have uploaded so why this is happened.
  12. WOW, @Wortex, this is great site! Very nice, a modern style and well-written source code. I think many resellers would like such a website. But just a few things... to give you a small feedback , because it's always good to have feedback : (tested with Firefox 31.0) the banner at the top is really good but it's a the left and it's not linked and the Windows logo is at different positions in the banner of NOD32 and ESS. I also don't think that the banner should be placed at this position (at the top). the icons at "services" are quite small when "mouseovering" the products sometimes onl
  13. Here is the new ESET website: hxxp://eset-beta.esy.es/ I uploaded to free hosting as you can see and I will wait for ESET staff to answer is it good. Of course the website is in BETA because its not fully finished as you can see there not enough ESET products and information. Remember I havent received any reply of the staff of "computersecurityassociates" but maybe they will accept it.
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