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Pc viruses, updates and drivers are for advanced users

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I am new to the forum and over a long time i used NOD32 again.
Yesterday i was battling a computer virus that basically destroyed windows defender and started making all sorts of interesting stuff like installed all kinds of different programs and disabled this and that, popped up something here and there - it was obvious, i was infected and it scared the hell out of me since it used programs in non readable languages for me, like Chinese and Russian, i had a feeling someone had hijacked my pc, and thats a scary tought aswell.

 Sadly enough i didnt have antivirus installed before that, i dont know why but i guess i just sort of forgot after being away for a while from computer and its a new one thats been in and out of warranty repairs. Virus was my own fault, i shouldnt have downloaded a file from a random place for a random program.
 But what im feeling concerned about is that it seems like no matter what, when or how much you pay - it dosent do the trick.
Well maybe antivirus wouldnt have let me to open, download or install this file but what if i would have given permission - would be still the same.
I didnt know what to do, so i tought if i disconnect pc from internet it wouldnt atleast download anything else in there. And then started to look for the answers.
In my bright dream i tought if i give it a try by installing the latest good name Antivirus i would be saved, and if so i would definitely pay for the thing after the trial is over. I got myself an NOD32 smart security trial. Eventually it found few errors here and there, deleted them but that was it - the virus was still full blown.
What saved my life was youtube video which to good luck lead to numerous videos about the same virus infection (Tencent).
 After a while i started following the video step by step which ended up in manually deleting registry keys and what not - it looked good, something was going on and it felt like im going to actually kill it.
 Drawback - eventually the good news stopped, i had run into the end of that, unable to delete the last ones.
I found another video that this time wanted me to download the reigstry cleaner adw or something like that. Step by step again and eventually - its gone, all the side programs seem to have disappeared too.
 But then it hit me - is it really worth paying for Antivirus if it dosent do the trick? Sure it would warn me for things and it would kill all the flies in the knife fight but i would still get stabbed. I dont know what sort of information the virus creator or user has about me, my banking or what ever else. I dont understand if a virus could be defeated by a step by step by registry cleaner program, why cant a big name Antivirus do that for me.
 Its looking very bad for me, Antivirus not fighting my viruses, windows not finding all the drivers and updates if it actually needs to repair something it tells me everything is up to date, new windows and/or computer functions need to be manually set to normal because the new Windows is the new thing and we dont do things the normal way anymore.
 I feel good that i have helped myself with basically googling and tubing but to me it looks like it shouldnt be like that, we should be able to trust and lean on software developpers that have it all, especially if we are paying them.

I hope i have seeded good toughts out there for regular users and developers and other like me.
 I am sorry for my English, its not my mother..

All the best!

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i understand your grief ,i too get upset at the evil there is out there ruining computers with viruses .i found bleeping computer.com to be a big help[i am not very putor savvy] they recommended eset . they also say nothing is 100% bullet proof against viruses worse some paid computer services are not worth the money. get the best [recommended]  protection you can [paid or free your choice] and keep up to date on protection companies [just dont download it and forget it for years] .one of the best protections against viruses is imho ......think BEFORE you click on a site

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Taking reasonable precautions, such as having good protective software in place and practicing safe web surfing should be prerequisites for going on-line. Locking the stable doors after the horse has already bolted is useless.


Glad you were able to care for it using other resources. I hope your system is indeed clean.


Would any of your problems happened if you has a A/V program installed? I don't know (even though I have a pretty good idea) as nothing in this world is 100%, but taking reasonable precautions will mitigate risks. You are asking questions that if you had a good A/V program in the first place you (most likely) would NOT be asking.  


Yes we have to trust others, but we also have a responsibility to watch out for ourselves.

Hindsight is always 20-20.    


(EDIT-had to re-read OP for my clarification-I'm bad ^_^)

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