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Contacted 1-866-324-3042 for Yahoo Customer Service, Is it Safe?


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Hello folks,


Yesterday I have contacted a third party support provider firm that is providing support for yahoo mail issues. I was having an issue in my account that I was unable to log in my account, even though I didn't change my password for so long. So I google for yahoo customer service number and I got this, I have dialled the number, that kept ringing but no one responded.


Now my concern is that should I again try to make contact with them or not, is it safe?


Please Help and suggest.


Their website was www.yahoocustomerservice.org

Contact number 1-866-324-3042

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Hello mariahilton08 and welcome. This is not a Yahoo discussion group. That being said, I also have Yahoo mail (with my AT&T internet).


Since you did not indicate AT&T, try this link:  https://help.yahoo.com/kb/account. I looked it up on Dogpile (I do not like/trust Google).


With the many, many scams out there, I would be very leery of using a 3rd party vendor.


For what's it worth, from what I recall Yahoo does not like to talk on the telephone.


Good luck. :)

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